When we re-introduced the Bookshelf Loudspeaker version 2 (BSLv2) we were not surprised when many of our customers inquired about the possibility of a new center channel loudspeaker to be offered as a companion. Their desire was the ability to accommodate multi-channel surround systems, a perfectly reasonable request and one we were already well on the way to answering.

At the time of the BSLv2 release, we had been quietly finishing off a new version of the original Outlaw LCR.

In redesigning the LCR to pair with the reinvigorated and renewed Bookshelf Loudspeakers, we again had to focus on the timbre to ensure that the sonic signatures would offer complete integration and allow customers to mix and match these speakers. Whether this meant an LCR front stage with BLS surrounds, or Bookshelf Loudspeakers for the front left and right with the LCR for the center, imaging and precise panning between the speakers had to be seamless in order to deliver an immersive experience.

We also wanted this speaker to be more efficient than the BLS and be able to handle substantially more power. We achieved both of these goals by developing an acoustic suspension design that employs two 5 1/4 inch woofers, giving the LCR the ability to achieve peaks of 105dB SPL, enough to fill out moderately large rooms.

The dynamic ability, the remarkably smooth response, and the clean intelligibility all shine through with this new speaker.

We think you’ll agree that the LCRv2 loudspeakers are an incredible value for their price at only $549 each!

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