I am a happy 975 HDS-42AVR user. I bought the unit originally when 2 of the 3 HDMI inputs my Panasonic Plasma suddenly failed to accept a signal from 975. I could hook up a 32" visio to the 975 without issue. For some unknown reason the HDMI 2 input which is also the ARC output continued to work as an ARC (which worked for OTA and smart TV). I called in a technician who replaced the main board including all of the HDMI ports on the Panasonic but this didn't solve the problem, so he but back in the original board and $200 poorer I tried the HDS-42AVR based upon assurances from Transformative Engeering that it would work.

I hooked up all of my inputs to the HDS-42AVR and then left the ARC line in place. Suddenly everything worked just like it was supposed to (other than a workaround was required to get the 975 setup menu displayed). Given the wonderful picture on my Plasma I was happy as a clam until 6 months later and the last HDMI input on the Panasonic failed. I replaced it with an LG OLED 65C8PUA from Costco. The price drop on the price of the plasma from February to September more than paid for the HDS-42AVR.

I really don't need the HDS-42AVR any longer but am keeping it if I ever want to go to a 4K source external to the TV.

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LG OLED65C8PUA via HDMI from HDS-42AVR & to the 975 via ARC
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