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#97586 - 01/12/18 05:59 PM Re: Speaker recommendations? [Re: arbitrageur]
Daddicus Offline

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Originally Posted By arbitrageur
All of the advice offered in this thread so far is quite good. Here is my take:

Really get to know the room you will be placing the speakers in (dimensions, materials). How much flexibility do you have for placement (near wall, on wall, in wall, how far can things be moved to find the right placement)? Changing the speaker and listener placement by just a few inches or degrees can dramatically alter the sound. What is your preference for sound - fill the room or pinpoint imaging and detail? If you work with a retailer, a good one will want to know details about the room and what is in it. A speaker works with (or fights) the room (and its contents) and the combination of the two is the biggest impact on what you hear. The different manufacturers and models target different room sizes, placements, and customer demographics. Price is a result of technology/engineering, manufacturing quality/materials, and distribution model - any of which may be more or less important to you. The best speaker for your space and ears won't necessarily be the most expensive you can afford.

In my personal space, which is a dedicated listening room that can accommodate acoustic treatments, I spent half on the speakers and half on room treatments. If I could have picked a different room it would have higher ceilings, more depth/length, and more symmetry.

Thank you! Good counsel!

#97588 - 01/13/18 03:21 PM Re: Speaker recommendations? [Re: Daddicus]
Happy Birthday NRBQLou Offline

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All great advice here; with that kind of budget you can really pick and choose. Here's one more to consider. I own a pair of their lesser towers (love them, but of course that is subjective) and had a chance to audition these. Big fun at the audio dealer if nothing else! And built-in subs just to make it kick a little more ass, all for $8500.

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#97926 - 03/17/18 05:52 AM Re: Speaker recommendations? [Re: Daddicus]
Daddicus Offline

Registered: 11/27/17
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Loc: Minnesota, USA
This is an old thread, but I thought I would mention what I ended up getting. But first, my wife tempered my budget request quite a bit. I also determined that floor-standing models wouldn't work in my living space.

I ended up keeping my old speakers to use as rears.

I bought a Goldenear Supercenter XXL and two Aon 3 speakers for fronts.

So far, I'm very happy with them.

Thanks for all your tips!

#97927 - 03/19/18 08:23 AM Re: Speaker recommendations? [Re: Daddicus]
Owl's_Warder Offline

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Great! Glad to hear it worked out well. smile

Thanks for the update! It's always nice to see what happens.

#98039 - 04/16/18 05:20 AM Re: Speaker recommendations? [Re: Daddicus]
Helson Offline

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I saw this on the Audioholics site. I remember this from back then. It remained a topic of discussion for a long time.

I posted it here 'cause on the second page at the end of the article, they mention the Outlaw 5000 ;-)
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#98099 - 05/22/18 02:31 PM Re: Speaker recommendations? [Re: Daddicus]
mattlach Offline
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You don't have to spend anywhere near $10k to get fantastic speakers.

At the $10k level we are talking car-priced audio jewelry.

Personally I am a huge fan of RBH out of Utah. They have build speakers for other well known brands with much higher pricetags for decades. Their own lines are very very good, even their budget impression series bookshelves sound very good.

I have their previous gen higher end speakers, the sx-6300 towers for my mains, Se-441 for my center channel and se-41 for my surrounds, and I am very happy with them

#98106 - 05/24/18 06:42 AM Re: Speaker recommendations? [Re: Daddicus]
butchgo Offline

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Might look at Tekton Design speakers.
Eric Alexander builds all of his speakers in Orem, UT and they are great bang for the buck.
I have the Enzo XLs and I am very happy with them.
They are a great bargain in my opinion.

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