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#91434 - 09/22/12 07:55 AM Re: Your greatest component bargain purchase? [Re: eprudho]
AvFan Offline

Registered: 09/12/05
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Loc: El Cajon, California
I'll double your money if you'd like!! grin

Via Craigslist I got a SP-25 with a Audio Technica ATP-12T tonearm all in the Technics SH-15B3 base with dust cover. All in almost mint shape for two bills. FYI I just missed an ebay auction the other day where a guy unloaded an SP-25 for 99 cents. Apparently it didn't spin but the repairs on the TTs are pretty easy; it was gone in 2 minutes!

Enjoy your Technics and if you get tired of that tonearm, let me know!
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#91490 - 10/01/12 07:15 PM Re: Your greatest component bargain purchase? [Re: EEman]
Paul J. Stiles Offline

Registered: 05/24/02
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Loc: Mountain View, CA, USofA
A few years ago I saw a Crown K1 power amp listed for sale. The owner stated
that it was not functioning, so I figured that, at the worst, I could use it
for parts for projects.

So, I bid on it and won it. When it arrived, I unpacked it and hooked it up.

It worked.

I turned it off and set it aside for a few days. When I tested it again, it did
not work. The old thump test showd that there was an intermittent connecton.

When I took off the top cover, I noticed an torroid type inductor on a circuit board
was positioned (bumped over) in such a way that it might be touching the amp's case.

I straightened it up and put some silicon sealant on the side that was nearest the

The K1 has been working fine ever since. Very nice amp for suboofer use.

the 1derful1

#92944 - 03/20/13 05:28 PM Re: Your greatest component bargain purchase? [Re: sehnzeleid]
the_h Offline

Registered: 01/28/13
Posts: 21
Loc: Ohio
You will not believe this at all. But .... Here is my best deal
In 1995

A krell KSA 200 amp, a theta generation III d/a converter, 2 8ft pairs of MIT MH-750 speaker cables, and 4 pair of MIT MI-330 RCAs for ...... $750.00

All worked and I had the gear until 2005 when I sold off my main system.

I got a great deal this week also and upgraded my basement system

Paradigm monitor 11 v3, paradigm ADP 370 v3, paradigm cc 370 v3 center, paradigm PW-2200 subwoofer, with all monster Cables. 800.00

So. Can now sell off the stuff I had in that system and pay for my upgrade I love Craigslist.
Upstairs living room
Marantz av7005, Rotel RMB 1075, Samsung 55" 6000 series tv, PSB synchrony 2, PSB C 5 stratus center, PSB image 10s rear, Velodyne DD-15, B&O RX-2 turntable, Apple TV, LG DVD blu-ray, Cisco Cable box, Adcom ACE 515, MIT terminator Bi wire speaker cables, all MIT 330 analog RCAs between amp and pre

Outlaw Model 975, Outlaw 7100, LG 55" 3d TV, Paradigm Monitor 11v3, Paradigm CC-370v3, Paradigm ADP-370v3, Paradigm PW-2200, Pioneer Elite BDP 62 3d blu ray, Cisco Cable box, Pioneer Elite CLD-59 laser disc player, Wii, VCR , Surgex SX-1115-RT, MIT cables
And more smile

#95577 - 12/24/15 11:04 AM Re: Your greatest component bargain purchase? [Re: sehnzeleid]
975 destroyer Offline

Registered: 09/07/15
Posts: 44
Loc: Georgia, US of A!
A working Audio Pro B1.35 subwoofer, $75 shipped!

New $600+ (I think?) Granted it's 20 years old. It ain't baddest 10" sub available but NO ONE can argue the "bang for the $" factor. After I finish the system's details next year, I'll fix my "Sub sights" on a 12" SVS, Hsu, or Outlaw.


Edited by 975 destroyer (12/24/15 11:08 AM)
Samsung 60" UN60ES6100 LED
Outlaw Audio 975 Pre/Pro
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Canare 14 ga - LCR tweeters inside; CC outside
BJC 10 ga - LCR mids, inside & out
8 ga Powerline - LR woofers, inside & out

LR: 2 Rotel 98X for the woofers, 2 P'sound HCA1000 for the M & T, tri-amping RTi A7
CC: Rotel RB985 -> tri-amped CSi A6
SW: Nady PEQ -> Mackie FR-1400i -> DVC 15"
Surrounds: Hafler XL280 -> RTi A3*
Power Conditioning & Distribution:
3 dedicated 20A feeds; APC H15; 4 Furman Miniport 20s
* Bi-amped, Summer, 2017

#96422 - 03/22/17 12:10 PM Re: Your greatest component bargain purchase? [Re: sehnzeleid]
HiFiJeff Offline

Registered: 03/07/17
Posts: 15
Denon DVD-2910. SACD/DVD AUDIO player. I think new it was like $799. I bought it at a pawn store in the box for $35. It looked brand new. And I used it for over 3 years as my main source for CD's and SACD. But finally upgraded to the Oppo UDP 203 so it is no longer in use.

#96493 - 04/11/17 07:14 AM Re: Your greatest component bargain purchase? [Re: sehnzeleid]
HiFiJeff Offline

Registered: 03/07/17
Posts: 15
Just picked up a Panasonic VT30 65 inch plasma for a whopping $450. Guy was the original owner and he had the receipt from 4 years ago. $3499.I would say that I got the better end of that deal.

#96582 - 05/06/17 09:25 AM Re: Your greatest component bargain purchase? [Re: sehnzeleid]
EEman Offline

Registered: 11/11/09
Posts: 425
Loc: Canton, MI
Just picked up a NAD 7020 stereo receiver for $35. A little contact cleaner and a dusting and it's rocking the house.

I've never owned a NAD before. It's a nice unit.

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