Now that we've announced the Model 976, we've been asked about our future plans for the Model 975.

You might be pleased to hear that we have no plans of discontinuing the Model 975 for the foreseeable future. The Model 975 continues to sell and receive ongoing praises from those looking for an affordable quality processor that offers impressive audio reproduction capabilities.

We've found there to still be a substantial market for the Model 975, mainly customers running 1080p, HDMI and legacy connections, and 5.1 channel systems. As such, we will continue to offer the Model 975 and are excited to announce some new combo deals.

In addition, from now until February 20th, the Model 975 will be on sale for $499!


For those of you that want the value performance of the Model 975, we have a special set of new combos that provide you with two inputs for 4K and HDR.

We recently purchased an OPPO UDP-203 for testing purposes. Like many 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray players, the OPPO has two HDMI outputs: one that goes straight to the display and the other to the processor. This second HDMI output only carries audio and allows the Model 975 to decode any 7.1 channel track while the first HDMI output sends 4K and/or HDR content to your display.

While the above design is common, OPPO has cleverly added something else: an HDMI input on the back of their player. This means that, besides playing back 4K Blu-Rays, the UDP-203 allows delivery of a second 4K source. This allows Model 975 owners to utilize two devices capable of sending 4K, while the 975 handles your audio.

Among our new combos, several include the OPPO UDP-203. This enables our Model 975 purchasers the ability to enjoy legacy products, 1080p content, and two 4K sources.

Our recent arrangement with OPPO allows us to bundle the UDP-203 with the Model 975 at a very attractive package price.

For those who already own a Model 975, and want to add the UDP-203, stand alone purchases must be made through OPPO.