To Outlaw Audio,

I didn't see anywhere on the Beta Tester Application where I could put comments so I'm posting it here in the hopes that you get it.

The application was very thorough but I do have a few of suggestions and one correction.

1) You are still asking about DVD players and not asking about BD players. I think BD player information would be more relevant.
2) On your selection lists you did not list Oppo, maybe because you weren't asking about BD players. But hey, back in the day they made DVD players and they were great! (Insert Tony the Tiger comment here)
3) Under receivers and processors you didn't include Onkyo. A bit surprising since at one point I thought Outlaw resold them, but I might be wrong about that. Anyway, they're popular equipment so you might want to include them.

1) This one is near and dear to my heart as I have been a Sonus Faber owner/lover (to own them is to love them) so it pains me to see that you misspelled their name in your speaker lists. Please correct.

I look forward to working with you if I get selected as a beta tester,

Emotiva XMC-1, Outlaw 7500, Sonus Faber Olympica III Fronts, SF Liuto Center, SF Surrounds, LFM-1 EX, Oppo BDP-103D, Apple TV (Gen. 4), Mitsubishi 65" Diamond DLP, Outlaw Cables, PS Audio Power Quintet, Duet and power cords.