Introducing the Ultra-X12

A little over a year ago, the Outlaws decided that it was time to evaluate our line of high performance subwoofers. While both the LFM1-PLUS and the LFM1-EX have served us well, we wondered what could be done to design a better product.

We began by interviewing customers who owned an Outlaw LFM1-PLUS or LFM1-EX to determine what led them to choose one over the other. In most cases, it was not the $100 price difference between the two models. LFM1-EX owners wanted the extra bit of performance that this larger model offered. On the other hand, the driving factor for most of the PLUS customers was the more livable size. To them, on paper, the 2 Hz greater extension of the EX and the maximum SPL figure was not as important as integrating a subwoofer into an acceptable room arrangement.

With this information in hand, development began of a new sub that was close to the dimensions of the Plus while effectively delivering the most important performance aspects of the EX. This proved to be a challenging goal, and it has taken us a year to achieve our target.

Outlaw Ultra-X12 Subwoofer

The new Ultra-X12 is just one inch wider and one inch deeper than the PLUS yet delivers 17Hz (plus or minus 2 dB) in the max extension mode. In maximum output mode the Ultra-X12 delivers a room shaking 120 dB, which actually EXCEEDS the EX by 2 dB!

This performance and other acoustic improvements were achieved by totally redesigning the inner workings used in the current LFM models.

Here are the major changes:

The Ultra-X12 now houses a longer port than the plus for greater bass extension for the cabinet size.

A totally new amplifier design from Audera offers greater efficiency and power in a compact design. Idle power consumption has been reduced to 0.5 watts, which meets the latest guidelines for subwoofer amplifiers.

The Ultra-X12's cabinet has a totally redesigned bracing system ("window pane" Perimeter Bracing). Vertical and horizontal interlocked lattices now support the side and end panels as well as the top and baffle. This advanced design raises the resonant frequency of the cabinet away from the critical 60-65 Hz range, virtually eliminating any tendency for coloration of mid bass frequencies.

The Ultra-X12's newly designed amplifier offers an improved equalization system to linearize the frequency response. Earlier LFM designs tended to be a bit "fatter" in the 60 Hz range, producing a slight overemphasis of that frequency. We have effectively eliminated that mild elevation to produce a very flat response. For example, in A/B comparisons with an EX, the new Ultra-X12 delivers an audibly improved resolution of separate notes on a deep string bass.

A new advanced limiter has been optimized to strengthen maximum output with no audible side effects.

The Ultra-X12 now includes an output for a second subwoofer to simplify "scattered subwoofer" installations without the need to use an external RCA "Y adapter".

So how does the Ultra-X12 sound?

Over the last several months we have conducted numerous blind "equal level" A/B auditions with the Ultra-X12 vs the EX. In listening tests that included action films and a wide variety of music, (jazz, symphonic and rock favorites) the listeners consistently preferred the performance of the Outlaw Ultra-X12. In max output mode on movies there was more "slam and dynamics." In max extension mode, for those audiophiles whose primary interest was music, the sound was described as "tighter", "faster", and "clearer" than the EX.

When we began work on the Ultra-X12, it was clear that our existing LFM models had set the performance bar quite high. After months of extensive design and testing we are confident that the Ultra X-12 is a worthy successor to those two models. Indeed, it is the best subwoofer we have ever offered.

The Ultra-X12 enters the market at $639. To introduce this new flagship subwoofer, we are offering a flat shipping rate of $29* from now until November 17th. (There will be no better offer on the Ultra-X12 throughout the 2014 holiday season).

We invite you to audition this remarkable product in your own home. No matter what your subwoofer or audio component need, at Outlaw Audio, "The best values in home theater are just a mouse-click away."

*Flat rate shipping of $29 applies only for the contiguous USA

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