" In a marketplace full of “modern” black receivers with flimsy faceplates and minimalist designs, the RR2150 is a breath of fresh air. It doesn’t look “old” or “cutting-edge”. Rather, it strikes a nice balance between retro and modern. That theme of blending past and present weaves its way into the feature set as well, with the presence of USB and Subwoofer connections. At the same time, the RR2150 remains a classic stereo receiver with tons of power and enough analog inputs and control knobs to make vintage gear blush. In fact, it's the most powerful two channel receiver we have ever measured! Great looks, features, build quality and power at an affordable price, we're not sure what else you could ask for. Whether your speakers are just released limited edition or were made before Jimmy Hendrix picked up a guitar, the RR2150 would make a great piece of gear in any stereo system" RR2150 Review