Anyone using it? I ordered the parts to build a system and they should arrive tomorrow. I only subscribe to basic cable as part of my internet deal otherwise I wouldn't have cable at all. I plan to get my mythtv box up and running down the road and use that as my OTA recording device.

I put XBMC onto vitualbox with ubuntu to test drive it. It's pretty awesome once you get a few plugins installed. I was able to get some good shows from FoodNetwork and History channel, plus stuff from hulu etc. The plugin Free Cable has to be the best as it crawls major stations websites and allows you to watch any full length episode they have. Unfortunately I didn't see CBS, but that's accessible through hulu.

Once I get the backend server up and running, I'm going to rip all my DVD's and Blu Ray's so it's all accessible from any tv in the house. This should help set me free from cable etc.

Anyone using this and if so how?