I really love these speakers.

The 2 channel performance beats my old Polk LSi9s, and for movie dialogue and center channel does as well as my MUCH larger and more expensive and more difficult to place Paradigm Studio CC690. The sound quality is most similar to Totem / Dynaudio from other speakers I have heard.

There is caveat to all of this though. I am running everything crossed over at 80hz with some very nice subs. (2x HSU ULS-15). But, with this change I can wall mount all my speakers and not worry about any ports. Purists may frown, but it sounds just as good as when I hate Totem Hawks a few feet into the room.

granted, they have nothing on some 6' tall speakers I have had in my living room. But, that's not what they are for. These are not full range stereo speakers, but that isn't what I want right now. Very very recommended for what they are. Great value.