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#8655 - 02/03/05 06:26 PM My baby.....
aej09 Offline

Registered: 06/12/03
Posts: 51
Loc: Madison, WI, US
...not because anything here is outrageously expensive or a standout piece of gear, but because all of the time and effort put into researching purchases, gathering information from great places like this, and tweaking (which I have come to believe is a euphamism for 'I've got no money right now but I really want to mess with my system'). You all know what I'm talking about. Hell, just putting in the time to take pictures of something other than your kids and put them on the internet for others to see is exhibit A.

Anyhow, I've enjoyed seeing what everyone else has and am blown away by the variety of great systems everyone has. Here's mine....

-Hitachi 51swx20b CRT RPTV
-Outlaw 950 Pre/pro
-Denon DVD900 DVD player
-Samsung TS360 HD DirecTV receiver
-Onkyo C211 6 disc CD changer
-Panasonic VCR
-Sony TC-WR565 dual-well cassette
-Rotel 991 for Infinity IL30 mains
-Rotel 985mkII for Infinity IL36 center and 4 B&W LM1 surrounds
-8awg SoundKing with Vampire spades for fronts
-Home Depot 14awg in-wall for surrounds
-Hsu STF2
-Mostly regular AR interconnects

There is also a Rotel 971 that powers a pair of Vintage by PMC for the patio via zone 2, but that's in the basement powering my Polks right now as there's a giant pile of snow on the ground at the moment frown

Next; Front soundstage has to go. These Infinitys have been great and are a fantastic bang-for-the-buck performer, but I've been upgrading behind them for a while and they are obviously the bottleneck right now.

Then; I'll be looking to get into an upconverting universal player (dosen't anyone make plain old black dvd players anymore?).

Anytime; Cable management is obviously an issue. It seems like everytime I get it all bundled and tucked away nicely, something goes wrong that you need to troubleshoot, or you get a new piece of equipment, or want to compare someone else's gear in your system and you have to tear it all up again. So I just gave up. I have plans in my head for a modified DIY flexy-rack type of thing. I'll just wait to cable-wrangle until I get off my ass and build it.

Well thats it. Thanks for reading. Now take a look.....


#8656 - 02/03/05 06:42 PM Re: My baby.....
sraber Offline

Registered: 10/11/04
Posts: 183
Loc: Green Bay, WI
Nice setup. How do you like the LM1s? I was thinking of getting some of those for the the audio in the rest of my house but ended up with inwalls instead. The inwalls do have a nice clean look, but once they're in, man, they're in.

Marantz av7005 Proc.
Oppo BDP-83
Rotel RB-991 (mains)
Outlaw Audio Model 2200 (center)
Rotel RMB-1075 (ss, rs)
f, B&W DM604S3
c, B&W LCR600S3
ss, B&W DM302
rs,Polk M3II
APC H-15 Power Conditioner
Display: Panny PT-AE4000 Proj. + 92" DIY Screen
Little Dot MKIII Headphone Amp
Denon AH-D1100 Headphones (needed a quick, cheap set. looking for an upgrade worthy of the h/p amp.)

#8657 - 02/03/05 06:51 PM Re: My baby.....
aej09 Offline

Registered: 06/12/03
Posts: 51
Loc: Madison, WI, US
Thanks. I think they're great. I originally looked at them solely for their mounting capabilities, but after auditioning them I was very impressed with the detail and big presentation they had for their size.

I've got them crossed at 100hz and they blend with everything else very well. They can be as unobtrusive and evneloping or as accurate and distinct as the material wants them to be.


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