My son is looking for a sub to use with his Ryan Acoustics MCL-3 speakers and his RR2150. The speakers are a 3-way acoustic suspension (8 1/2" woofer, 4 1/2" mid, 1 1/4" tweeter) which have very good tight bass for as low as they go (38HZ to 20KHZ +/-2 db).

His room is fairly small 10x18 and he listens to both cds and blu-ray with his 2-channel system.

He would like a little foundation for both music and movies but mostly for the latter while at the same time blending with his speakers and working well with the RR2150.

Update: I contacted Scott and he said the best fit was the LFM-1 Compact now just need for it to go on sale (without the OAW3) or wait for B-stock.

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