Starting with "Black Friday/Cyber Monday" and running through the "After Holiday Clearances" are when most merchants concentrate on good deals on existing products. Rest assured, the Outlaws will have some GREAT deals on our current models, and you'll receive a separate mailing on that in the next 24 hours. However, we're the Outlaws, so we're going further by sweetening the deals with a new product that you can pick up in some incredibly priced combo offers.

Introducing the Outlaw OAW3

Anyone who has installed a home theater system knows that speaker placement is a critical part of getting a room to "sound right". Unfortunately, you can't always put the speakers where you want, particularly with subwoofers. How often has the best location for your sub been a place where it is simply impractical to run a wire from your receiver or surround processor? Fortunately, there is now a great solution to that problem as the Outlaws ride to the rescue with the OAW3 Wireless System.

Designed by and engineered for the Outlaws, the OAW3 is a pair of compact wireless units, each about the size of a deck of cards. Installation is simple, as you plug a cable from the transmitter into a "sub-out" jack and the output of the matching receiver into your sub. Of course, a pair of AC adaptors is included, and once connected you're good to go. No more worries about lengthy subwoofer cables to get the LFE from here to there.

The true value of the OAW3, however, is in its performance. Absolutely nothing is compromised in the transmission, and the units are fully tested against interference from 802.11 wireless systems, cordless 2.4GHZ and DECT phones, cell phones, Bluetooth links and even microwave ovens. The range is up to 100 meters line-of-sight**, giving all the flexibility you need for subwoofer placement. Even better, the OAW3 is a two-channel system with over a 50 meters range** through walls. That means you can use it to send full fidelity, 20Hz to 20kHz, audio to a second zone without wires and virtually no latency, with powered speakers or a pair of our Model 2200 amps with the speakers of your choice to complete the system.

For the ultimate in flexibility, you can even stream audio from a computer to your home entertainment system, with a direct USB connection from a computer or server to the OWA3 on the transmit side, and an analog connection into your receiver or processor.

Since the OAW3 allows you to select from multiple frequencies there is no problem in using more than one in the same system. That means one pair can extend your sub while another can feed the second room system without cross-channel interference. Even better, for use in dual-sub or single feed/multi-room applications, we'll be offering a separate wireless audio receiver kit for sale later next month for $69.

Regularly priced at $149, the OAW3 is a wonderful value compared to any wireless product on the market. However, as an introductory offer, we've cut the price by $25 (plus free shipping*) as part of our holiday promotion. Speaking of promotions, since a great wireless system deserves great subwoofers we've put together some packages that deliver great savings.
  • Pair an Outlaw OAW3 with our LFM1-Compact sub and pay only $424, saving you $192.
  • Step up the bass and feed an LFM1-Plus sub with your OAW3 for only $548, $226 off the regular price.
  • Go extreme with an LFM1-EX/OAW3 combo and pay $648, a savings of $250.
  • Tight on space, but looking for great bass? Go for an ECS-10 with an OAW3 and pay only $848, a $218 discount.
  • If you already own a great sub but want to go wireless and add room correction, pick up the Velodyne SMS-1 and an OAW3 for $448, a savings of $211.

As with all of our "Black Friday/Cyber Monday" specials, the introductory price on the OWA3 and the combo prices are good only through Tuesday, November 30th. Act fast, as we're flying in the first batch of OAW3 units right now so we can ship them right after Thanksgiving, but initial quantities are limited.

We'll be here to answer your questions about this compact wonder, but our offices will be closed on Thanksgiving Day and on Friday, November 26th so that the Outlaws may spend the holiday with their families. Don't worry, the Saloon is always open, and we'll keep a watch for any special questions along with the Gunslingers who hang out there.

At holiday time, or at any time throughout the year, at Outlaw Audio, "The best values in home theater are a mouse-click away."

Best regards,
The Outlaws

* Free ground shipping to the contiguous US only. Orders to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada will be credited for the value of US domestic shipping.
** Wireless range may vary due to room conditions and construction.

Pricing and promotions are valid while supplies last, are not valid on previous sales and may not be combined with any other promotion or offer.

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