Very cool indeed. Nice nick name as well; Dr. Strangelove is on my list of all-time favorites, as are a few others of his canon (though I have to say, my favorite film of all time remains "Chinatown", but that's a subject for a different forum and another time).

You put it nicely - " have quality music playing in all rooms and still have the potential of a unique audio choice in the Home Theater room". Yep, I hear you on that one. When I first got the 990, my plan was for whole house audio, but that never panned out until I moved from that house into this one - that's more or less when 'the bug' hit me, and I started thinking about exploiting more of the 990's capabilities (as well as my stockpile of old two-channel gear).

The thing least for me...even though I love movies, music is an everyday thing for me; when I'm in the car, doing signal processing at work, or whatever, music is always there. Thus, the mere fact that I can have the same (or different) program material in a given room (music) actually (and I know this will sound a bit over-the-top) makes my house more live-able to me; I actually enjoy being in the house more when I have music everywhere (especially when it is the same program material). So, whether I'm doing chores around the house, or whatever, I hear music at (more or less) the same loudness level throughout the house - so I never 'walk away' from it or think "I should hang here until this killer solo finishes".

Also, when my daughter has her peeps over and they want to watch movies in surround etc, then they can, and I can be off in my own little world of music; the 990 does a great job of playing (signal) traffic cop.

I think for many, whole-house audio is seen as an extravagence (in general), but if music and or video is really important to you, then I don't think it's really all that extravagent. Like anything else, you can spend a horrific sum of money on such an undertaking, but simply planning it out and making good routing and compoenent selections can really help optimize things and keep costs down (if that is a matter of concern - it certainly was for me).

As I see it, if one really appreciates such a thing, then it makes them feel that much better about their surroundings, and about their present state of 'being'.

OK, that may be a bit touchy-feely, but in earnest, it means a lot to me to have my music with me at all times in the house. Sure, I could use headphones, and sometimes I prefer to do so (especially as I do a lot of binaural recording), but for not feeling detached from the environment and instead, immersed in it, I sometimes prefer the whole house audio approach.
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