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#83549 - 05/01/10 09:35 AM Re: Anyone Have an ICBM That They are Not Using? [Re: PeterT]
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I will say ICBMs don't last long on ebay or Audiogon when they occasionally show up. I searched a number of audio forums until I found one for sale and most of the ones I've seen ran above 50% of the price new and tended towards 75%. It is a very versatile piece of gear that is flexible enough to allow its use in a simple stereo setup and in a really complex way like Edcrash1's. All this makes me wonder if the ICBM is a collectors item or they are an integral part of folks systems and that is why very few of them show up for sale.
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#83754 - 05/20/10 04:15 PM Re: Anyone Have an ICBM That They are Not Using? [Re: PeterT]
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Originally Posted By: PeterT
When we designed the ICBM several years ago, out of a very real need in early DVD players, we never anticipated that years later it would become a valuable (and useful) collector's item .

We have always debated whether or not to return to this area with a 7.2 version, We are still not convinced that there is enough interest to move ahead. However, these threads always make us think about it.

My feeling is, that your are greatly underestimating the need for an ICBM 7.2v. I only bothered registering to post here, because I've been chasing down a used ICBM, but really would rather a 7.2.v instead. With the economy in the shape that it is, the market cries out for a product that could breath new life in to audio equipement that would have simply been upgrade in years past. More people than ever, are looking for ways to keep up with changing standards, without having to dump what they currently have.

I'm one of those people. A few years ago I bought a brand new NHT Controller. This was a 2k+ processor that was born out of the short-lived NHT-Vinci Labs partnership. At the time, it offered very forward thinking gear, with a promised upgrade path for the coming 1.3 standard. It still remains a very high quality piece, which plays nicely (processor and amps 'talk' to each other) with matching 5 and 2 channel NHT (Vinci built with B&O Ice parts) Class D amps. They even designed in special EQ curves for NHT speakers. This was especially appealing to me, as I'm running seven NHT M6 speakers and two complete U2 sub systems.

The whole system would be fine, were it not for the fact that I have no bass management, if I use the analog 7.1 connections from a BR player. Lacking the ability to process more recent codecs via the processor, I'm sort of forced to use a BR player to do the decoding, if I want to make use of the best playback choices. Were you to build an ICBM 7.2v, you would solve my problem, and I wouldn't be forced to consider migrating to another processor. I say this, knowing Outlaw is not a greedy soleless corporation, that is made giddy by such thoughts. Offering us an ICBM 7.2v would be a great kindness for many in the audio community.

I'm not the only one with this problem. I've been following a nearly five year old thread on the AVS speaker forum, that recently discussed using an ICBM as a work around. (See here, starting with post #8680)I have to believe there are many other quality processors that would likewise have their usefull life extended, were you to build an ICBM 7.2v. I would much prefer this product than trying to get by with the original ICBM.

If you build it, they WILL come. The marketplace would likely embrace your product with open arms. I personally, would be eternally grateful.

Thank you in advance for giving this idea further consideration.

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