Something Id like to see implemented in the upcoming 998 (if possible):

Headphone virtualization for lossless audio!

Id like the unit to receive up to 5.1 channels of up to 24/96 audio via HDMI, as PCM, DTS-MA or DolbyTrueHD, then apply headphone virtualizing to the lossless and output either via the headphone jack or (highly pref!) the balanced stereo outputs for connection to an external headphone amp.

AFAIK Dolby Headphone software does work for up to 5.1 24/96 but for some reason no manufacturer seems to have implemented it in hardware (though there are plenty of DH lossy-only gadgets and receivers).

If not Dolby Headphone then perhaps some other lossless-compatible headphone virtualizing system by DTS or somebody else.

If the 998 does this it will be a totally unique device and will certainly get my $$ -- and that of other headphone freaks. (Check the head-fi forum to see how often this question comes up!)

Thank you.