Dear Fellow Outlaw:

In our last Newsletter we wrote about our offer of the Onkyo PR-SC886 as a way of providing a high performance, HDMI enabled surround processor until our own Model 997 is complete and ready for introduction. This was not a last minute decision, but rather the result of a backup plan that had been in development "just in case" things slipped behind schedule for Sherwood's Model 972 A/V Receiver, which will be the first version of this jointly developed platform.

As the summer progressed and it became clear that the Model 997 would not be ready this fall, we began to work with Onkyo to put our contingency plan into action, ultimately enabling us to offer the PR-SC886 Surround Processor. In support of this decision we created The Outlaws\' Guide to the PR-SC886 , an exceptional instruction manual which is available free to anyone as a download from our website.

When we announced our plan to sell the Onkyo processor and our combo packages in our last newsletter, we believed we were providing pricing that was both competitive and value driven. Unfortunately, we underestimated the pool of units that was available from a variety of Internet merchants who opted to offer the PR-SC886 well below its true market value. In light of this, we have decided to expand the savings well beyond our previously announced pricing. Those Outlaw customers who purchased at the original price have already been provided credits in accordance with our new low pricing.

For those of you who may have been on the fence about ordering a brand new, fully updated Onkyo PR-SC886 complete with a 2-year parts and labor warranty, now's your chance to upgrade! To save even more, purchase an Outlaw amplifier along with your PR-SC886 for an even greater value. Click here for a full list of the updated combo prices, with savings up to 28%

Already own an Onkyo PR-SC886? We're letting our fellow Outlaws create their own "combo" by offering a 15% discount off the price of any Outlaw multichannel amplifier to anyone who provides proof of purchase of an Onkyo PR-SC886 from an authorized reseller. Simply send us a copy of your sales invoice dated on or after July 1st with the name and address matching your credit card billing address and you will be eligible for the discount price. For this exclusive limited time offer please call 866-OUTLAWS and speak to a customer service representative to place your order.

The Onkyo Professional processor is a great product for those who cannot wait for a next generation Outlaw processor, and with these new combo prices it is easier than ever to upgrade your system. Whether you choose one of our current processors, wait for our new model, or take advantage of these new deals with the PR-SC886, at Outlaw Audio, "The best values in Home Theater are just a mouse click away."

Best regards,

The Outlaws