What a Great deal. However I don't get it. Outlaw offering this unit for a price cheaper than what they are going to sell the 997. I was tempted to pull the trigger on this deal but I wanted another Outlaw in the family.

Is the 997 being dry-docked?

Onkyo PR SC-886 - Professional Surround Processor*
Save $350 - Cyber-Black Friday Price: $1,099
Limited supply at this price**
*These are brand new units, not refurbs
**Act fast, once this limited supply is gone, the price returns to $1,449
Outlaw 990/7700
Conrad Johnson Premier140 Tube Amplifier
Conrad Johnson 17LS MKll Pre Amp
B&W 803D2’s HTM3S DS7's
HSU Subwoofer
Mitsubishi 6800 Projector
Da-Lite Screen,
Oppo BDP93
PS Audio DSD
Stack Variac
Nakamichi cables Audio 8 cables