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#80130 - 09/25/08 07:53 PM Re: Model 997 Preliminary Product Page
NRBQLou Offline

Registered: 02/22/03
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Originally posted by XenonMan:
Keep the 990 for analog phono stuff and leave the 997 to the digital future.
Not sure what kind of shelf space you got yerself there, X-man, but I just wouldn't have room for another steamer-trunk-sized box. Pretty disappointed in the "no phono" news, as it effectively wipes out several hundred bucks for a good phono preamp, making the 997 much less of a good deal.
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#80131 - 09/25/08 09:47 PM Re: Model 997 Preliminary Product Page
SoundOfMind Offline
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I understand being unhappy about a lack of phono input. I and many others would be unhappy to pay for something we will never use.
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#80132 - 09/25/08 11:58 PM Re: Model 997 Preliminary Product Page
XenonMan Offline

Registered: 04/08/08
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It not a matter of room for me. I will keep both in separate homes. I agree with those out there that are tired of paying to make systems backwards compatible with analog equipment. There are plenty of owners of LPs who can easily equip their 997 with a phono pre-amp vice forcing the rest to pay for inputs we will never use. At the intro price the 997 is easily affordable for anyone who wants a quality HT platform WITH all the bells and whistles.

I would imagine that the Outlaws looked at the size of the cabinet and decided if they were going to put 4 HDMI in and one out they would have to cut out something or make the cabinet even larger. It only makes sense to get the 997 up to state of the art. After all, how many of us have heard the complaints about the lack of HDMI vs DVI. And now we are going to hear how it lacks a phono input.
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#80133 - 09/26/08 05:40 AM Re: Model 997 Preliminary Product Page
Relentless Offline

Registered: 04/19/05
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Originally posted by Scott:
Hello gleenee,

The Model 997 will not offer a stereo XLR input.

confused and Disappointed

#80134 - 09/26/08 11:22 AM Re: Model 997 Preliminary Product Page
Bri1270 Offline

Registered: 02/03/06
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I'm very disappointed that there's only a single HDMI output. I was really hoping for 2 as it would eliminate the need for an external switcher.

#80135 - 09/26/08 11:44 AM Re: Model 997 Preliminary Product Page
lanion Offline

Registered: 07/12/05
Posts: 161
My RR2150 has a a phono input -- if it will ever be used.

I don't want to pay for stuff I won't ever even try using. The 997 is perfect for me.

#80136 - 09/26/08 03:16 PM Re: Model 997 Preliminary Product Page
OldeBob Offline
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Registered: 06/23/06
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Does anyone know if the 997 will accept DSD via HDMI? I'm thinking of buying the Oppo 980 or their upcoming Blu-ray BDP S83.

#80137 - 09/26/08 03:21 PM Re: Model 997 Preliminary Product Page
DaveHo Offline
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Registered: 01/08/03
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Originally posted by OldeBob:
Does anyone know if the 997 will accept DSD via HDMI? I'm thinking of buying the Oppo 980 or their upcoming Blu-ray BDP S83.
Me too!

#80138 - 09/26/08 03:42 PM Re: Model 997 Preliminary Product Page
gonk Offline

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I checked the large Sherwood 972 thread to see of any mention of DSD support had cropped up, but didn't see anything there. We'll have to wait and see...
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#80139 - 09/26/08 04:26 PM Re: Model 997 Preliminary Product Page
butchgo Offline

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Do you have the link to the Sherwood 972 thread?
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