Well it really does not make much of a difference. In truth my fronts are -3dB rated down to 40 Hz so setting the crossover to 40 might be the both the correct and wise thing to do. As for the remote I will probably use two - the Outlaw for audio (including SACD) and a Sony for video (including HD-DVD) that way my wife only needs the video.

I prefer the towers full range on 2 channel CD/SACD listening so this was at first an issue for the 7.1 analog input unless I changed the swith on the back of the unit. But the Outlaws were kind enough to make the DVD analog input be the same as the 7.1 front left/right input so all I need to do is listen to two channel bypass on the DVD setting - again very very cool. I continue to be impressed with this Outlaw combo.