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#74802 - 08/03/09 08:19 PM new to sms-1 - couple of questions
smithy05 Offline
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when updating the sms-1 (mine is still version 2.1) will a usb to rs232 adaptor work, or do I need a serial output on my pc?

do the sms rca outputs put out an extremely low volume? I'm having to turn my reciver WAY up to get the test tone to the 76-80db range - (at that volume, if I had a normal source plugged in - I would blow my ears or the speakers)...although this is at the SMS-1 default volume of 15.

Thanks for any input, as I'm just getting started with this.

#74803 - 08/04/09 02:43 AM Re: new to sms-1 - couple of questions
gonk Offline

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I don't know if a USB-to-RS232 adapter will work or not. As for the other, you may want to adjust the SMS-1's volume level. I have used a volume setting of 12, but it goes a lot higher.
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#74804 - 10/07/09 01:22 AM Re: new to sms-1 - couple of questions
Jeff Mackwood Offline

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I've been struggling with the update all evening long - and here's what I know so far.

Because I don't have a portable with an RS232, I have tried using two different devices which I have.

The first is a PCMCIA RS232C Serial Port - from which I can connect an RS232 cable direct to the SMS-1.

The second is a USB to Serial Converter (note this is not a simple cable with USB on one end and RS232 on the other - it has electronics built into the RS232 end.)

In both cases I went through an installation process (my portable detected new hardware) - and used the CD that came with those products to complete the installation.

In the case of the converter I installed in on two different portables. For some reason once connected to the SMS-1 it did not work with the first one. Something about a port not being recognized. Trying other ports from the drop down menu was no help.

So I tried the second portable and the installation sort of seemed to work - at least it said it was successful. However when I fired up the SMS-1 it was still showing the old version (2.1) I confirmed this with the minimum 15 Hz crossover setting.

I tried again using the PCMCIA approach. With the exact same result.

I tried it with both the version 2.1.3 software that I got from the Outlaw site, and with the version 2.1.4 from Velo's site.

Same result: still stuck with 2.1 and 15 Hz crossover.

This is surprising since I'm sure I did a successful upgrade way back when I first bought the unit. At least that why I think I own the PCMCIA card in the first place.

If anyone's had recent experience with either software version upgrades I'm love to hear about it.

Meanwhile I think the very old PC that I use as a print server (but which is running XP) has actual RS232 serial ports on it. I just might bring the SMS-1 to it and try the update through a genuine serial port connection.
Jeff Mackwood

#74805 - 10/07/09 01:52 AM Re: new to sms-1 - couple of questions
Jeff Mackwood Offline

Registered: 12/19/02
Posts: 427

Well I dragged the SMS-1 to my old PC and ran a RS232 to RS232 connection.

Worked like a charm.

First did the Outlaw update to 2.1.3. Then did the Velo update to 2.1.4. Menu shows that version is installed and can now select a lower-than-15Hz crossover.

So to answer smithy's question: in my experience the answer is no, you need a straight RS232 serial connection.
Jeff Mackwood


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