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#73102 - 08/01/07 06:41 AM Re: Wish list for next receiver model
Lizard King Offline

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You are not what a call an experienced Audiophile. You are so wrong and I am not saying this to bust your horns.

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#73103 - 08/01/07 03:55 PM Re: Wish list for next receiver model
Green Offline

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Dear Lizard King,

I've never claimed that I am "an experience Audiophile". Therefore, you are not busting my horn. My hearing is just very average, nothing to be proud of.
I just want you (or people) to be aware of the misconcept "audio cable break in". Audio cable function is conducting electrical current from receiver/amplifier to speaker. If audio cable needs breaking in, it suggests that there is an improve in the cable ability to conduct electrical current before and after long usage. I am assure you that audio cable manufactors take physical and electrical properties of their cable as a quality control process. Why don't they post the electrical properties of their cable before and after breaking in to prove their claim?
A side note, I just kindly asked one audio cable company that claims "audio cable requires break in" for supportive data. Their reply is their satifactory customers said ".....", unfortunately no hard data or measurements from independently physic laboratories!?!
Sorry about this long post to outlaw audio fellows.

Think Green

#73104 - 08/02/07 09:39 PM Re: Wish list for next receiver model
Green Offline

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Hi all,

Just a following up on this, after a few exchange emails between me and an audio cable company, they said that they did not see any differences in the cable electrical properties before and after breaking in. However, (based on their claim and explanantion) some improvement on cable after breaking in may occur that is beyond any current detection methods or machine analyzer, but human ear can detect. So, congratulation to all who can hear the difference before and after audio cable breaking in. You are truely having a good hearing!

Think Green.

#73105 - 08/02/07 10:01 PM Re: Wish list for next receiver model
OutlawDuck Offline
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Cable break in is a fact wether speaker cables or interconnects.

Speaker break in is a fact. New Speakers only sound alright. There is a definite break in period.
A break in time for all electronics is a fact especially CD or DVD. Need heated burn in time for the laser.

None of these are myths. There is a break in period for everything.

One day you will throw in your favorite CD and notice a warmer, more crisp sound that you have not heard before.

My unfortunate issue is I have a new 1070 with new front speakers so it is very hard for me to tell how the 1070 really sounds.
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#73106 - 08/03/07 01:29 AM Re: Wish list for next receiver model
bestbang4thebuck Offline

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Seems this discussion is moving away from the 1070 and into opinions on 'break in' and ... well, opinions can be strong on both sides. Before going too far, I suggest that interested parties look through the forum (search feature) and see what has been said so far. If there is something to be added or summarized, I suggest starting a new topic in an appropriate 'After Hours' area. I'd be glad to offer 'break in' and related questions/opinion there.

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