The “Summer Edition” of the Outlaw Newsletter will hit your in-box in the next week or so and it contains one item that will be of particular interest to anyone visiting the Model 1070 section of the Saloon. With that in mind, we’d like to give you a sneak peak at one of the items in the forthcoming Newsletter.

Our inventory of the award winning Model 1070 receiver is beginning to run very low, and there will be no further production of this model. Thus, once the current stock is gone, new Model 1070 receivers will no longer be available. If you have been considering a system upgrade with a receiver, rather than separates, we suggest that you place your Model 1070 order now. As the saying goes, “When they’re gone, they’re GONE!”

In anticipation of the question that is sure to arise when we formally make the announcement, it will be well into next year before there is a replacement for the Model 1070. So if you are in the market now for a new receiver, time is running out to purchase what Home Theater Magazine recently declared the "best receiver under $1,000".