While awaiting delivery of a "modern" TV, I connected up an ancient 20" Hitachi, along with a JVC VCR (model HR-LTR1U). When I play back a tape by way of the Video 1 input and Monitor Out (both composite) the reds in the image flash on and off continuously, making it unwatchable.

The peculiar thing is that this happens only on playback, and only when switching the signal through the 1070. When the VCR tuner is used as the source (same video out connection) or when tape is played back through the same cable directly from the VCR to the TV, everything is great.

Disconnecting the audio between the 1070 and VCR has no effect either. I also disconnected the unterminated S-video cable I had on the Monitor Out but to no avail.

The VCR is on a shelf 10 inches below the 1070 with a DVD player occupying the space between. Antenna connections are: Antenna-Power Center-VCR-TV. All that should be irrelevant, but I include it for completeness.

Apparently there is some interference going on between the 1070 and the VCR when in playback mode, but I can't think of any reason or remedy for it.

Hopefully the whole issue becomes moot when the HDMI, Component Video, and S-Video compatible TV arrives. But I'd like to make sure everything about the receiver is right, and even be able to use the VCR occasionally without moving connections around.

Any ideas?