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#70025 - 05/31/06 06:11 PM What sub would be better?????
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I'll also put this in the sub section but I wanted to get everyones opinion. I am going to be getting the 1070 and hooking up orb speakers. Orb Mod 2 for the front channel and mod 1 for the other 5. Should I get the Orb Super 8 sub or the the LFM2. No real price diff. I don't know what would match up better receiver and sub or speakers and sub.

#70026 - 05/31/06 06:30 PM Re: What sub would be better?????
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They both use an 8" driver and a 150W amp. The Super 8 is smaller (12"x12"x12" enclosure rather than the 17"x11.25"x16.5" of the LFM-2). The LFM-2 is a bit heavier at 37lbs versus 31lbs (which could suggest greater rigidity and resistance to movement when you're pushing it real hard). The LFM-2 costs $100 less (not counting any package discounts that might be available). Output and frequency response are basically the same. I think both would match up with the Orb speakers equally well, and the Model 1070 will work fine with both.

I can think of a few questions that might help you decide. Can you get the Super 8 for the $300 that the LFM-2 sells for? How do you feel about the looks of the two? (The round gray grille on the Super 8 doesn't do a lot for me, but personal taste is big when it comes to speaker aesthetics.)
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#70027 - 05/31/06 07:38 PM Re: What sub would be better?????
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Gonk, looks like you were right on the money...No pun intended. Orb Audio did offer a discount when you bought the package w/the sub..1014.00 ...979.00 without. So with the 300.00 savings I can buy an extra speaker or 2 or feel better about purchasing a 900.00 receiver...Was initially looking at something around 500.00. Thanks for your input

#70028 - 06/01/06 06:37 AM Re: What sub would be better?????
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Good choice of Receiver and Speakers. You will be amazed by the Orbs - recently helped a friend install them - we did Mod 2 for the center and 4 Mod 1s (90/10 movie/music). Once calibrated properly with a decent sub, the ORBs SING!!!!

For the sub, could also look here:

I read a lot about both the Onix X-Sub and the Outlaw LFM-2 - finally settled on the X-Sub recently.

Main reason - similar spec and reviews - X-sub is $100 cheaper. The only problem would be availability. I lucked out - called tAV123 and they had a B-stock unit for $179 (no 30 day trial on that). Love the sub, but am sure that LFM-2 is equally good.

Good Luck.

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#70029 - 07/02/06 01:43 PM Re: What sub would be better?????
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Would you mind posting what settings and calibration you set for the orbs? I have set up 7.1 system with 5 mod 2's and 2 mod 1's. Right now I do not think they sound very good. Movies sound better than music does. I have the 990/7125 combo and a dt power cube II for a sub.

Thank you in advance for your help.



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