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#70000 - 03/03/06 02:38 AM is the LFM-2 right for me?
counsets Offline
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Loc: Indianapolis, IN
I'm creating my first HT and i need a sub.

What i've got is kinda a mix of stuff i've picked up over the last few years because i'm on a budget but i want something that will last me forever.

Dennon AVR-1705 with 2x Athena AS-B2.2 as fronts, Klipsch RC-62 center, then cheaper Klipsch surrounds and a custom-designed 3-way rear on a seperate amp - assembled in the klipsch lab (science-fair project actually)

Anyway, it's all in a basement(16x23x10) that has concrete walls all around but a good amount of acoustic treatment on the walls.

Is one LFM-2 going to be enough to give me enough low-end to measure up? or should i get two? or maybe one and a buttkicker?
Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

#70001 - 03/30/06 02:25 AM Re: is the LFM-2 right for me?
curegeorg Offline

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the more the merrier. you know a buttkicker will just rumble your butt, not make sound. nothing lasts forever, didnt you hear that guns n roses song?
This post has been brought to you by curegeorg, thanks for reading.

#70002 - 03/30/06 08:03 AM Re: is the LFM-2 right for me?
bestbang4thebuck Offline

Registered: 03/20/03
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Loc: Maryland
Because I purchased my subs before Outlaw had either LFM on the market, perhaps an actual owner/user could offer a better opinion than I, espcially if they have a home theater space similar to yours, but IMHO . . .

Outlaw's LFM's have a pretty good reputation for delivering good levels in the most important bass frequencies.

Quick comparison:
  • 1 x LFM-2, $299, comparitive SPL 110db, 28-180 Hz
    2 x LFM-2, $549, approximate SPL 113db, 28-180 Hz
    1 x LFM-1, $579, comparitive SPL 115db, 25-180 Hz
    2 x LFM-1, $999, approximate SPL 118db, 25-180 Hz

    Hybrid combination of one LFM-2 and one LFM-1, $799.

Then there are other products one might consider as well, but not many have as much bang for the buck.

If I were considering which Outlaw sub or subs to purchase, and could spend around $600 with shipping, I would likely choose one LFM-1 over two LFM-2's - more SPL and just a bit lower frequency extension. How loud do you like to push your system? If I had just over $1K to spend and wanted people upstairs to occasionally think an earthquake or tornado was coming, I'd consider two LFM-1's, although one forum contributor who bought two LFM-1's reported that one LFM-1 was plenty for his situation. Be very careful unpacking and testing so that if one LFM-1 is enough for you, the second can be carefully re-packed and returned or sold in 'new and tested' condition.

I hope all goes well for you.

#70003 - 03/30/06 08:26 AM Re: is the LFM-2 right for me?
silversport Offline

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Loc: ChicagoLand/USA
This isn't much help but I use an LFM-1 with my Klipsch Heresys and Academy...love the sub...Bill
Outlaw 1070***3 Klipsch Heresys Across the Front W/Crites CT-125 Tweeters***Klipsch KSP-S6***Oppo BDP-83***Outlaw LFM-1 Plus***
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...Let the Movies and Music Play...

#70004 - 03/31/06 08:47 AM Re: is the LFM-2 right for me?
ryck Offline

Registered: 10/03/02
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Loc: saratoga springs,ny,usa
I use one LFM-2 in my bedroom system.12'x 15' x9'. I didn't want to spend to much money on this system. I found the outlaw LFM-2 to be the best value. The sub does the job with ease. In your size room I might think about the LFM-1.
FYI: This system consists of 4 dayton 8" ceiling speakers, 1 dayton 5 1/4 mtm in wall speaker. 950 pre/pro, oppo dvd,5 IRD mb100's,various cables. The sub (LFM-2)sounds great in this system.
I use a SVS 16-46 PC PLUS in my main home theater and would have bought 2 LFM-1 instead if available at the time for about the same price.
I have had good dealings with SVS but love the OUTLAW products and service. Good luck.

#70005 - 03/31/06 11:54 AM Re: is the LFM-2 right for me?
Mark T Offline
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Loc: Chicago Suburbs
I went with the LFM-2 because of space constraints...
While I am very-very happy with it - you have a big room and might want to consider the LFM-1.
If I move into a bigger space I am going to buy a LFM-1 and join the 2 of them with a Y cable.
I'm running Klipsch speakers too...


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