Hello Fellow Outlaws,

We are pleased to announce that a Model 990 software update is now available. Click here to download.

While we know this has been a long time coming, we were able to correct the bass management and LFE issues that have been described here in the Saloon. While some have speculated that the long delays were based upon some apathy on our part we would like to set the record straight once and for all. In order to develop these changes, our software team worked with engineers from Dolby Labs, THX, and Cirrus Logic along with several members of the Outlaw community to modify, test and retest several generations of changes. In fact, there has even been some speculation amongst the Outlaws that the delays in the CS49700 are due in large part to this update wink

For those who have been waiting for this software release, we thank you for your patience and appreciate your continued support.

Best Regards,