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#50040 - 05/03/03 12:01 AM The Model RR2150 Contest
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As mentioned in our Mid-Spring 2003 Newsletter, we are conducting a contest in this space involving our forthcoming Model RR2150 product. The rules are as follows:

Two Model RR 2150s will be awarded: one for the first guess posted that comes closest to an accurate description of what it will be. Try your best to not only describe the product, but to decode the information in the model designation. Another RR 2150 will go to the entry that, in our sole opinion, is the most humorous description of what it might be, but isn’t. Everyone is allowed one entry in each category.

To get you started, we’ll seed things with some hints. The first is to say that the RR 2150 is the first of its kind for the Outlaws, but it may be the last of its kind for anyone and everyone else. In other words, this product is in a category where we currently do NOT offer a product, and when we’re done it may well be that no one else will offer one again. As a further hint, for those of you who are die hard film buffs is a reference to one of the Outlaw’s favorite obscure films. The general philosophy of this product was loosely inspired by the movie The Final Countdown, with Kirk Douglas.

{A side note to anyone who has already joined in on the discussion in the current RR 2150 thread: In fairness to those who have already made a guess as to what the RR 2150 is, all comments from the initial thread will be included in the contest, but since the participants in that thread did not have the benefit of the hints disclosed above, they will be allowed another chance to enter their guess.}

As always, one entry, with one guess in each category, per e-mail address. The winners will be selected at the sole discretion of Outlaw Audio, LLC. Anyone without access to e-mail may send an entry to us via the Postal Service as long as it reaches our offices before the contest closes at Midnight on June 4, 2003. (We will unveil the RR 2150 on June 5th at the Home Entertainment Show.) Employees of Outlaw Audio and its suppliers, as well as their direct family members are not eligible. No purchase necessary, void where prohibited by law, your mileage may vary, do not use while standing in a pool of water, change your socks before you leave home, look both ways before crossing the street, etc., etc.

#50041 - 05/03/03 12:05 AM Re: The Model RR2150 Contest
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I think it's an all vacuum tube reel-to-reel tape recorder!

#50042 - 05/03/03 12:50 AM Re: The Model RR2150 Contest
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Well, if it has anything to do with "The Final Countdown"(a decent movie...the best was ogling Katherine Ross, of course), then it would probably be either some kind of retro=radio of some kind or some type of surge supressor...a gigantic magnetic storm/vortex caused the ship(the Nimitz, I believe) to go back in time. If I have to choose one of the two, it'd be the Retro Radio.
Now, all I have to do is figure the 2150 part out....probably two SET tubes with a total of 150 watts/side....naaaaah, couldn't be.

RR could also have something to do with Rail Road?...amp rails?

#50043 - 05/03/03 01:52 AM Re: The Model RR2150 Contest
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Lets look at this from a scientific and humurous standpoint. Lets chop the model number into two pieces. We get an RR and 2150. Looking into the past we see that Outlaw talked about but never brought to market the IR-1000. Which was an "internet radio". Beats me what the 1000 stood for. So I will say the second R in RR stands for receiver. That leave us with the first R. What makes this R different that all other R's ? Why is this R so important? Why is this R in front? Is this R really an R? Whoops, I sound like I'm asking the four questions on passover here. Ok on to the contest at hand here. I'm thinking this device has to be something sort of futuristic from the the movie reference. Ok, I will say the first R stands for "remote". This is some sort of Remote Receiver with 2 channles of 150watts each and somehow interfaces with current outlaw "stuff" such as the 950 or 1050. So you can hook this RR-2150 to you current HT system and pump the audio part of your HT over RF to other area of your hideout. Go on, tell me I'm right aren't I ?

#50044 - 05/03/03 02:04 AM Re: The Model RR2150 Contest
MeanGene Offline

Registered: 06/10/02
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Loc: Simi Valley, CA, USA
The RR-2150 is a Radio Frequency Remote control (RF)+ (RC) = RR. It will be the ultimate remote control with all present and future Outlaw products pre-programmed in or updated through a firm-ware update.

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#50045 - 05/03/03 03:59 AM Re: The Model RR2150 Contest
crazyray Offline
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Thr RR2150 is indeed a "retro receiver" with the look and feel of classic audio of the past but with connectors/inputs for digital audio of the present. It will accept stereo inputs from digital formats, phono and other analog sources, and will contain conventional and satellite radio tuners. The look will feature a real wood case with real knobs. All sources will benefit from the dual mono 150 watt amplification channels. This will be topped off by an RF remote.

Like "The Final Countdown", this "weapon" could win the war and change history then or now.

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#50046 - 05/03/03 07:29 AM Re: The Model RR2150 Contest
JT Clark Offline

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REAL: I think it's a DVD player with universal disc playing capabilities. It will have multiple outputs including stereo, 6 channel, both digital (coax and optical), and firewire. All three levels of video: composite (upgrade your TV if you need to use this!), S-video, and componont. Not sure about a DVI output yet, but that's a maybe here.

FUNNY: I think it's a DVD player...FROM HELL! Outlaw will send a free movie along with the player. Hey that's sounds like fun! What movie are the sending? Does anyone remember the video tape from "The Ring"?

#50047 - 05/03/03 08:57 AM Re: The Model RR2150 Contest
m-mmeyer Offline

Registered: 11/27/01
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Loc: Chanhassen, MN, USA
I think it must be a "radio" retro or not. Maybe similar to the "acoustic wave".(better I would imagine) As far as the 2150 I don't know 2 channel, 1 input, 50 watt? I hope it is a "crotch rocket" 2 cylinder 150 HP that would rock!

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My DVD's
"Pain heals, Chicks dig scars and glory is forever"
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#50048 - 05/03/03 09:07 AM Re: The Model RR2150 Contest
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RR - RF Remote Control System, 2150 =(2 units consisting of the RF Remote Control Unit and RF Command console up to 150 feet range)

There you go! RR2150

#50049 - 05/03/03 02:03 PM Re: The Model RR2150 Contest
Michael1280 Offline
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Hmm, I think it's either a turntable (record reader), A tuner (real radio had allready been said), RF remote (Radio remote), DVD Player (Reel Reader), DLP Projector (unsure), Power condioner (RF Reducer). Hmm I am guessing that the movie would be Red Rider, and I have no idea how that could inpire a product unless it's bass transducer for tactile conveyance. STill not sure how the final countdown coudl inspire a product since it was about time travel. Oh well I hope somonhe gets it.

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