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#50050 - 05/03/03 02:45 PM Re: The Model RR2150 Contest
Nov3 Offline
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Registered: 05/03/03
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Loc: Memphis, TN USA
The RR2150 is a realtime room correction system. It helps correct reflections and phase response issue with Home Theaters by time shifting and phase aligning the audio signals in real time. There is also some equalization capability.

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#50051 - 05/03/03 05:39 PM Re: The Model RR2150 Contest
fmcorps Offline

Registered: 06/06/02
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Loc: Fargo, ND, USA
Well...since the Final Countdown was a time travel movie, my guess is this:

The RR2150 will be an update of the IBCM, only the RR2150 will be 5 channel audio switcher which will include TIME management as well as bass management. It will have inputs for two (or more) 5 channel analog devices.

How it will manage the time equilization? I don't know...that's why the outlaws are the outlaws and I'm just a guy who buys their brilliant stuff.

And since, ultimatly, in The Final Countdown the crew opted to do nothing and not interfere with the attack on Pearl Harbor, that's what the RR2150 will do...absolutly nothing to your audio signal. It will be a completly clean sound which simply enables you to balance your 5ch analog imputs to your listening room.


#50052 - 05/03/03 05:56 PM Re: The Model RR2150 Contest
JkFruit Offline

Registered: 03/02/03
Posts: 34
Loc: Orange, CA
Here is my wild guess...
In the Final Countdown, the Nimitz with its advanced military technology could have changed history but did not. Outlaw, on the other hand given the chance, being Outlaws, they probably would...So now with the advanced technology in audio, Outlaw is reaching back to better an old audio equipment that is not available in their current catalog:
A high performance vacuum tube tuner called RR2150: Reference Radio frequency two vacuum tubes AM/FM tuner that uses 2 specialized miniature tubes (Tube model 15__.)

#50053 - 05/03/03 08:53 PM Re: The Model RR2150 Contest
Paul J. Stiles Offline

Registered: 05/24/02
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Loc: Mountain View, CA, USofA
Its the ReactorRadio2150.

Nuclear powered, this Radio can remember the settings of 2,150 of your favorite AM (maybe FM, too) stations. With a suitable forklift, it is portable: take it to the beach and warm up that freezing ocean water while listening to your favorite hot music. Depending upon how loud you play it, the Reactor will not need to be refueled for up to 20 years or longer. Reactor refuelings cost an estimated 2,150 million dollars and do not include disposal of the waste.

With our award winning and patented neutrino speaker technology, everyone can (and will) share your music. Everyone. Everywhere. NO exceptions. Obstructions like floors, walls, and planets will be no barrier to the ReacorRadio2150 getting its musical message out there.

ReactorRadio2150: take one home today.


the 1derful1

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the 1derful1

#50054 - 05/04/03 11:35 AM Re: The Model RR2150 Contest
Jason J Offline

Registered: 09/02/02
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Loc: Northern Garden State
I would like to point out that I was the first to guess it was some sort of the radio in the last thread. That said, my first guess was anything but specific. Here we go:

RR = Radio Receiver with built-in atomic clock.
2150 = Frequency range in which it tunes into for updates on the atomic clock.

Notes: I really wish I understood astrology and math a little bit better. That understanding would translate better all the findings that come up with when you type in "atomic clock" and "2150" in a search engine.
I got "atomic clock" from the US Nimitz being a nuclear aircraft carrier who does a little bit of time traveling.
As for a "radio receiver", it doesn't do internet or satilite broadcasts but rather just old-fashioned AM/FM reception. The radio is still the place to get free music legally. If the Outlaw tuner was up to a good standard, you could get that music "loud and clear."

Umm, if this is wrong, can this be my funny guess also.

#50055 - 05/04/03 11:52 AM Re: The Model RR2150 Contest
rghinton Offline

Registered: 03/26/03
Posts: 47
Loc: Green Bay, WI USA
It has to be rack mount adapters for the M-200. I can't wait.

#50056 - 05/04/03 01:10 PM Re: The Model RR2150 Contest
RichW Offline

Registered: 12/28/01
Posts: 48
Loc: NYC, NY
Funny Entry...

Did you get your butt kicked today at work?
Did the market hand you your ass today?
Do you sit on a wooden stool at work?
Did your wife catch you looking at another woman and kick you in the can?
Do you watch 16 hours of tv and movies a day?
Is your only hobby playstation and xbox?

Basically, does your rear-end hurt? Do you have aches and pains in your buttocks?

If so the Rump Rubber 2150 is here to help you. It gently to firmly to rather aggressively rubs your butt to complete and utter puddy based upon the setting of your choice.

The Rump Rubber 2150 has 21 gentle asian woman sized fingers massaging your butt with up to 50 watts per finger. With 21 settings from gentle tickle to hardened man love, the Butt Rubber 2150 has a setting thats right for you.

The Rump Rubber 2150 has been scientifically proven to relieve stress in your ass. It not only feels good but it removes unwanted tension in your bottom.

Inf fact, over 90% of users of the Rump Rubber 2150 have found less pain and soreness in their rump. They have also found reduced levels of cellulite.

Before using the Rump Rubber 2150, Jim Buttache had aches and pains cause by his work; Jim is a forklift operator and spends upto 12 hours a day sitting on a hard bench. In addition, when he comes home, he likes to watch movies on his hometheater soundsystem (flash a picture of an Outlaw 950/770 combo) for another 6 hours. You can bet, Jim's ass is in poor condition at the end of the day from of all this stress. Here is what Jim has to say:

"At work and at home, my butt gets a real work out. It often would get sore and tired.
I tried other products, gels, muscle relaxants, creams, butter and none of them worked. But now that I use the Rump Rubber 2150, my butt does not have any aches or pains. And its firmer as well. My wife has even said, your ass is not nearly as ugly now that you have been using the Rump Rubber 2150. So set your ass free and get the Rump Rubber 2150"

So take it from Jim and his pleased wife, the Rump Rubber is the only salvation for those of you with a sore ass.

This product can not be found in stores.

For a limited time only, the Rump Rubber 2150 can only be found purchased online at www.outlawaudo.com, the company that know's where your ass ought to be.


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#50057 - 05/04/03 02:11 PM Re: The Model RR2150 Contest
eurorom Offline

Registered: 03/04/02
Posts: 96
Loc: El Paso Texas
Well I am sure that it is a (R)adio(R)eciever(2150)Khz and I believe these are some of the features:Sensitive FM mono and AM receiver
Elegant wood cabinet
Wide range sound with ported speaker enclosure
Smooth 5:1 tuning ratio
External 75 ohm FM antenna input
Headset jack for private listening
Record output and auxillary input
120 VAC or 12-16 VDC power.Dimensions: 4.5 inches high x 8.375 wide x 5.25 deep and weighs five pounds.
So am I a winner???? And remember RADIO is the key WORD!

#50058 - 05/04/03 02:24 PM Re: The Model RR2150 Contest
Rogerr Offline
Deputy Gunslinger

Registered: 05/04/03
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Loc: Sedona, AZ, USA
The RR2150 is a Relativistic Reverb unit with 21st century technology but with sound right out of the 50's.

"That goes without saying."
"That goes without saying."

#50059 - 05/04/03 04:03 PM Re: The Model RR2150 Contest
jazzlaw Offline
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Registered: 05/03/03
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Roound Robin 2150 Jukebox - retro styled jukebox capable of holding 2150 CD's - on a hard disk drive (in MP3 format).

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