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#49381 - 06/16/01 12:38 PM The Great DSP Debate
Scott Offline

Registered: 01/07/10
Posts: 673
The Outlaws would like to invite you to become part of our design team! Since we’re building these products for your enjoyment, we would like to offer you the opportunity to give us a “thumbs up” or a “thumbs down” on music DSPs for the Model 950!

The main issue; with the introduction of Dolby Pro-Logic II (which will be fully implemented in the Model 950), there is a raging debate about including other DSP modes (i.e. “Concert”, “Jazz Club”, “Stadium”, “Men’s Room”, etc). Some of you find these modes interesting and pleasant, others hate them with a passion. We can choose to include them or exclude them in the 950. Cost is not an issue here. To include these modes, there are only a few extra lines of trigger code. What is an issue is additional complexity to all of the choices in a menu driven format. So we thought we would leave the final decision up to our customers. We need your vote…”thumbs up” or “thumbs down”, and if you feel inclined, you may discuss the reasons for your opinion.

As an incentive to participate in this poll, we will have a random drawing for all participants. The winner will receive a Model 950! The cleverness of your reason will not count. The only thing that is important is that you vote “Yea” or “Nay”. This contest will end July 5, 2001.

To join our team with a chance to win, post your opinion in the “The Great DSP Debate” thread below.

Now for the legal stuff:

We cannot be responsible for entries that are sent by you, but not received by our server and posted on the proper area of our web site. (Please remember that the user name and password issued for the Saloon is CASE SENSITIVE, and that’s the reason why some entries to our first two contests did not make it to the board.) All entries must be posted to the Outlaw Saloon no later than 11:59 PDT, July 5, 2001. Outlaw employees, vendors and their families are not eligible. Only one entry per participant is allowed.

#49382 - 06/16/01 02:10 PM Re: The Great DSP Debate
tmorgan Offline
Deputy Gunslinger

Registered: 06/16/01
Posts: 3
Loc: Las Vegas, NV USA
I am all for DPL-II but would vote thumbs down on other DSP's. If the 1050 had DPL-II I would own one.

#49383 - 06/16/01 04:44 PM Re: The Great DSP Debate
Dax Scott Offline
Deputy Gunslinger

Registered: 06/16/01
Posts: 1
Loc: Schaumburg, IL USA
Thumbs down on the extra DSP modes.

I think I used one or two of them when I got my first A/V receiver, just to see what they sounded like. Since then, I've never used them. They just clutter up the menus and make it harder to find what I'm looking for.

(Many thanks to Outlaw for asking us what we want instead of telling us what we'll get.)

#49384 - 06/16/01 05:36 PM Re: The Great DSP Debate
Ryan_D Offline
Deputy Gunslinger

Registered: 06/16/01
Posts: 1
Loc: Anderson, IN USA
Thumbs down. The only DSP I use on my current receiver is "video game", and I could live without it.

#49385 - 06/16/01 07:37 PM Re: The Great DSP Debate
ttunstell Offline
Deputy Gunslinger

Registered: 06/16/01
Posts: 2
Loc: Mentor, OH
Thumbs down. I never use DSPs.

#49386 - 06/16/01 10:29 PM Re: The Great DSP Debate
zeltar Offline
Deputy Gunslinger

Registered: 03/17/01
Posts: 1
I vote NO for useless DSP modes. However, if they are free how bout these 2
1. ping pong the sound ping pongs between left and right speakers with an occaisional miss going to the surrounds.
2. Darth sound Eliminate the highs and distort everything else
I do expect credit if you use these!

#49387 - 06/17/01 01:02 AM Re: The Great DSP Debate
palmer Offline

Registered: 05/13/01
Posts: 121
Loc: South San Francisco, CA USA
I also vote no for DSP modes. I never use them.
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#49388 - 06/17/01 01:17 AM Re: The Great DSP Debate
Todd Barattini Offline
Deputy Gunslinger

Registered: 06/17/01
Posts: 9
Loc: New Orleans, LA USA
Hello Scott!
I am new to this forum but NOT to Outlaw as I own S/N 117 of the 1050 line. In the time, which has been a while , that I have had this fine unit, I have used DSP's twice, both were during my owners manual reading session when I first got my unit.

I vote NO for DSPs!!

Have a Good One!


[This message has been edited by Todd Barattini (edited June 17, 2001).]

[This message has been edited by Todd Barattini (edited June 17, 2001).]

#49389 - 06/17/01 01:53 AM Re: The Great DSP Debate
ez2logon Offline
Deputy Gunslinger

Registered: 04/16/01
Posts: 3
Loc: Oakland, CA, USA
Another thumbs down. Most consumers won't miss the extra DSP modes; they tend to give the impression that the manufacturer is not being "honest" about the capabilities of the gear, something that Outlaws need not do. I don't know of anyone who uses them.
Prologic II should definitely be included.

#49390 - 06/17/01 02:43 AM Re: The Great DSP Debate
rebop Offline
Deputy Gunslinger

Registered: 06/17/01
Posts: 9
Loc: Palo Alto, CA USA
Can't see why not! If it doesn't increase the cost, I'm sure I would enjoy playing with the DSP settings on older material.

A definite YEA vote here.

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