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#49177 - 04/11/01 04:34 PM Re: ICBM Acronym Contest
DTarbox Offline
Deputy Gunslinger

Registered: 04/11/01
Posts: 4
Loc: Miramar, Fl. USA
Who ever has to review these is going to hate me but I figured I would make a few guesses.

Integrated Central Bandwidth Manager/Management
Integrated channel Bandwidth Module
Integrated channel Bit/Bitrate Manager/Management
Integrated Complete Bass Module
Integrated Complete Bit/Bitrate modulator
Integrated Component Bandwidth Manager/Management
Integrated Component Bass modulator
Integrated Connect/Connection Bandwidth Module
Integrated Connect/Connection Bit/Bitrate Manager/Management
Integrated Control/Controlled Bandwidth modulator
Integrated Control/Controlled Bass Manager/Management
Integrated Control/Controlled Bit/Bitrate Module
Integrated crossover Bandwidth modulator
Integrated crossover Bass Module
Integrated crossover Bit/Bitrate Module
Integrated Custom Bass Module
Integrated Custom Bit/Bitrate modulator
Intelligent Central Bass modulator
Intelligent Central Bit/Bitrate modulator
Intelligent channel Bandwidth Manager/Management
Intelligent channel Bass modulator
Intelligent Chip Bandwidth Manager/Management
Intelligent Chip Bit/Bitrate Manager/Management
Intelligent Circuit Bandwidth Module
Intelligent Circuit Bit/Bitrate Manager/Management
Intelligent Complete Bandwidth modulator
Intelligent Complete Bass Manager/Management
Intelligent Complete Bit/Bitrate Module
Intelligent Complex Bandwidth modulator
Intelligent Complex Bass Module
Intelligent Complex Bit/Bitrate Module
Intelligent Component Bass Module
Intelligent Component Bit/Bitrate modulator
Intelligent Connect/Connection Bandwidth Manager/Management
Intelligent Connect/Connection Bass modulator
Intelligent Control/Controlled Bandwidth Module
Intelligent Control/Controlled Bit/Bitrate Manager/Management
Intelligent crossover Bandwidth Module
Intelligent crossover Bass Manager/Management
Intelligent crossover Bit/Bitrate Manager/Management
Inter/Intra channel Bass Module
Inter/Intra channel Bit/Bitrate modulator
Inter/Intra Component Bandwidth modulator
Inter/Intra Component Bass Manager/Management
Inter/Intra Component Bit/Bitrate Module
Inter/Intra Connect/Connection Bass Module
Inter/Intra Connect/Connection Bit/Bitrate modulator
Inter/Intra Control/Controlled Bandwidth Manager/Management
Inter/Intra Control/Controlled Bass modulator
Inter/Intra crossover Bandwidth Manager/Management
Intergrated Central Bandwidth Module
Intergrated Central Bass Manager/Management
Intergrated Central Bit/Bitrate Manager/Management
Intergrated channel Bandwidth modulator
Intergrated channel Bass Manager/Management
Intergrated channel Bit/Bitrate Module
Intergrated Chip Bandwidth modulator
Intergrated Chip Bass Module
Intergrated Chip Bit/Bitrate modulator
Intergrated Complete Bandwidth Manager/Management
Intergrated Complete Bass modulator
Intergrated Component Bandwidth Module
Intergrated Component Bit/Bitrate Manager/Management
Intergrated Comprehensive Bandwidth Module
Intergrated Comprehensive Bass Manager/Management
Intergrated Comprehensive Bit/Bitrate Module
Intergrated Connect/Connection Bandwidth modulator
Intergrated Connect/Connection Bass Manager/Management
Intergrated Connect/Connection Bit/Bitrate Module
Intergrated Control/Controlled Bass Module
Intergrated Control/Controlled Bit/Bitrate modulator
Intergrated crossover Bass modulator
Intergrated crossover Bit/Bitrate modulator
Intergrated Custom Bandwidth Manager/Management
Intergrated Custom Bass modulator
Intermediate channel Bandwidth Module
Intermediate channel Bit/Bitrate Manager/Management
Intermediate Component Bandwidth Manager/Management
Intermediate Component Bass modulator
Intermediate Connect/Connection Bandwidth Module
Intermediate Connect/Connection Bit/Bitrate Manager/Management
Intermediate Control/Controlled Bandwidth modulator
Intermediate Control/Controlled Bass Manager/Management
Intermediate Control/Controlled Bit/Bitrate Module
Intermediate crossover Bandwidth modulator
Intermediate crossover Bass Module
Intermediate crossover Bit/Bitrate Module

#49178 - 04/11/01 04:38 PM Re: ICBM Acronym Contest
CobraMR Offline

Registered: 04/10/01
Posts: 24
Loc: Wilmington, NC
Intelligent Complete Bass Management (or Manager)
In-line Complete Bass Management (or Manager)

#49179 - 04/11/01 04:44 PM Re: ICBM Acronym Contest
CobraMR Offline

Registered: 04/10/01
Posts: 24
Loc: Wilmington, NC
Independent Channel Bass Manager (or Management)

..now for a fun one...

Intelligent Caring Bass Manager
Infinitely Caring Bass Manager

#49180 - 04/11/01 04:47 PM Re: ICBM Acronym Contest
CobraMR Offline

Registered: 04/10/01
Posts: 24
Loc: Wilmington, NC
Ok...one more.....

Independent Crossover Bass Manager (or Management)

#49181 - 04/11/01 05:45 PM Re: ICBM Acronym Contest
Dexter Offline
Deputy Gunslinger

Registered: 04/11/01
Posts: 2
Loc: Lubbock, Texas, USA
How about...
Input Control Bass Manager
Input Control Bass Management

#49182 - 04/11/01 06:18 PM Re: ICBM Acronym Contest
ctekell Offline

Registered: 04/11/01
Posts: 15
Loc: Alamogordo, NM, USA
Let's see...

Interactive Cybernetic Brain Modification (now audio and video quality really ARE all in your head!!!)

Ichabod Crane's Big Melon (You don't even want to know, but buy it anyway!)

Isobaric Chamber Bass Module

Intensely Crushing Bass Machine

Interacrively Controlled Bitrater Manager

Irresistably Coiffed Bass Monster

Infinite Control Bass Manager

Infinite Control Bitrate Manager

Infinite Channel Bass Manager

Infinite Channel Bitrate Manager

Idiot Capable Bass Master

Ideologically Correct Bitrate Master

Imbicile Correcting Bass Monster

Incredibly Capable Bagpipe Molester

Inter-Channel Bitrate Master

Inter-Channel Bitrate Manager

That's my lot,

C.E. Tekell

#49183 - 04/11/01 06:27 PM Re: ICBM Acronym Contest
flyntm Offline

Registered: 04/10/01
Posts: 29
Loc: Plano, TX
Interconnecting Cable Bundle Manager
Interconnect Cable Bundle Module

Insane Contest Before Message

#49184 - 04/11/01 06:34 PM Re: ICBM Acronym Contest
Dexter Offline
Deputy Gunslinger

Registered: 04/11/01
Posts: 2
Loc: Lubbock, Texas, USA
Okay, I see my previous attempts were already taken. So let's try

Input Calibrating Bass Manager (Management)

#49185 - 04/11/01 08:00 PM Re: ICBM Acronym Contest
Aurel Savin Offline
Deputy Gunslinger

Registered: 04/11/01
Posts: 1
Loc: Forest Hills, NY USA
Ok here we go ...

- IC Bass Management / Manager
- InComplete Bass Management

- International Corn Barfing Marathon
- "I" Comes Before "M"
- Industry Corrupting "Better Mousetrap"

Anyway ... that was a fun 10 minutes... :0

#49186 - 04/11/01 08:05 PM Re: ICBM Acronym Contest
JohanK Offline
Deputy Gunslinger

Registered: 04/11/01
Posts: 3
Integrated Circuit Bypass Module

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