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#35514 - 02/03/07 12:10 PM M22's and LFM-1
rye_guy79 Offline
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This is my first post on Outlaw's site, it looks like there a lot of knowledgeable users here!

I am hoping to setup a HT system sometime this year and am in the process of short listing some speakers.

Does anyone have any thoughts about how using Axiom M22's for front channel speakers would work? They would hopefully be paired with an Outlaw LFM-1 sub and 1070 reciever. Will the M22's go deep enough (or the LFM-1 high enough) that I will be able to blend them together nicely?

I had originally thought of getting a set of Axiom M60's and no sub, but for an extra hundred bucks or so I can switch and get smaller front's and a separate sub. Do you think my original train of thought was better?

Thanks for any feedback you can provide.


#35515 - 02/03/07 12:37 PM Re: M22's and LFM-1
gonk Offline

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The M22 is a pretty beefy bookshelf speaker, and it's rated down to 60Hz at -3dB. When paired with bass management and a sub like the LFM-1, the end result should be easy to blend together and give both good music performance (without the sub calling undue attention to itself) and some serious fun on movies.

The M60 by itself would run out of steam in the mid-30Hz range (37Hz is the -3dB point) and it won't have the same authority at low frequencies as the LFM-1. Plus moving those low frequency duties to a powered sub will take some burden off the receiver, allowing it to put more into the higher frequencies. I've run both with and without a sub (using floorstanding mains with comparable reach to the M60's), and I think your idea of M22+LFM-1 is likely to be a better overall system.
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#35516 - 02/03/07 01:36 PM Re: M22's and LFM-1
rye_guy79 Offline
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Registered: 01/28/07
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Loc: Alberta, Canada
Thanks gonk,

That's mostly the impression I had gotten from reading this and the Axiom forum over the past couple of weeks and their experiences with similar systems. It's reassuring to have someone comment on this particular setup though!


#35517 - 02/05/07 12:12 PM Re: M22's and LFM-1
RCF051 Offline

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While I don't have the exact set-up, I do have the M22s running with an LFM-2 (VP150 center and QS4s for surround) and a Yamaha HTR-5960 receiver. The space is small -- 12'x13'x8'. While I have only had the system for about a week now, so far the LFM-2 does a very good job of blending in with the M22s. I went with the LFM-2 because I thought the cost/performance ratio was much better than with one of the Axiom subs.

#35518 - 02/27/07 12:50 PM Re: M22's and LFM-1
tmdlp Offline

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I have a family member(Dad) who has the M22's - B&W sub hooked into sn Outlaw 1050 receiver. he loves the imagine and neutral sound of the speaker. But after listening to mine and other systems w/ small to medium towers, my Dad is looking to the M60's. He felt he is missing the lower mid range. He could change the crossover of the system - but it became boomy. Part of the issue is the listening area starts in a corner.

I have heard the M22 and also thoought they were a little lean in the lower midrange. Just for fun, we switch the speaker for some old PSB 500's(i beleive). This is a 2 way large book self speaker. The lower mid range poped right in. but the nice high end and imagining were gone.

Just my 2 cents worth....
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