Part of the product plan for the incredibly successful Model 990 processor was to offer a pair of new amplifiers as companions. These amplifiers would offer both balanced inputs and a new industrial design to create complete systems with our new generation system architecture, replacing the Model 755 and Model 770. As you all know, we were able to bring the Model 990 to market sooner than expected, and as luck would have it, the amplifiers are a bit delayed.

However, we are pleased to announce some good news on that front, as the Model 7500 and Model 7700 are the products you have been waiting for. Unfortunately, they are not quite here yet, but we do hope to have them in stock within the next four to six weeks. As their designations suggest, the Model 7500 replaces the Model 755 as our five-channel amp, delivering 200 solid watts into eight ohms, 20 Hz – 20 kHz, all channels driven, less than 0.08% THD. The Model 7700 replaces the Model 770 as our seven-channel entry with the same 200 watts per channel and “FTC specs”. Both have newly designed front panels that match the Model 990 along with the long awaited balanced inputs. As has always been the case with our multichannel amplifiers they are made in the USA.

Although both the Model 7125 with its 7x125 watt power and the Model 2200 “M-Block” with 200 watts and balanced inputs are in stock for immediate delivery, it might seem that those of you looking to upgrade your system to higher power are currently without a multi-channel option from the Outlaws.

Fear not, as the Outlaws have a great way to get you up and running TODAY without missing a beat. Starting as you read this, and running through the first availability of the new Model 7500 and Model 7700 amps, anyone ordering a Model 990/Model 7125 combination will be able to trade in their Model 7125 and receive full credit towards the upgrade of either of the higher power/balanced input amplifiers until thirty days after the first shipment of the Model 7500 or Model 7700. We’ll even pay for the freight to send back the Model 7125.

This means that you don’t need to wait to upgrade your system to the performance and flexibility of the Model 990. If your system and room are well served by 125 watts per channel, you may just find that the Model 7125 is all you need. However, if you find that more power or balanced audio connections are really better suited to your system requirements, all you have to do is order a Model 7500 or Model 7700 when they are available to replace the Model 7125 in your combo system and we’ll credit its price toward the more powerful amp.

Not accepting trade-ins has been a rule with the Outlaws since we began, but we’re also known for breaking the rules, and this is the one time when the rule we break is our own! To avoid any confusion, here are the details for this promotion:

o Order a Model 990/Model 7125 combo system now. Should you wish to upgrade the amplifier to a Model 7500 or Model 7700 when they become available, let us know and we’ll credit the full price of the Model 7125 towards your new amplifier.
o We’ll pay the freight to return the Model 7125; you pay the outbound freight for the new amp.
o You will have until thirty days after the first shipment of the new amps to decide if you want to upgrade, but once you are past the initial thirty day audition period for the Model 990/Model 7125 combo, you must keep either the Model 7125 or the Model 7500/7700.

It’s as simple as that. Buy today, enjoy the power or Outlaw separates immediately, and upgrade to a higher power, balanced input amplifier when it becomes available. What could be easier than that? If you’ve been sitting on the fence waiting to order a Model 990 until our new amps are ready, you need wait no longer!

While we have not announced final pricing on the Model 7500 and Model 7700, both models will cost approximately $200 more than the amplifiers they replaced. This places the Mode 7500 around $1500, and the Model 7700 for $2000. As always, we will have combo pricing when either of these amplifiers is purchased with the Model 990. Of course, the trade-in price will be applied against the combo pricing.