Hi, got a question I think I know the answer to, but I'm looking for validation.

I've recently purchased full-range front speakers, VMPS RM-40s. Their -3 db limit is about 22Hz (haven't received them yet to measure in my room), and I want to use them to their utmost.

I currently also have 2 SVS 20-39 CS subwoofer corner-loaded in the right corner of my room.

For home theater listening, I plan to experiment and either run the RM-40s as large or small w/ a xo of 40Hz.

However, I definately want to run them full-range in 2 channel audio mode.

My transport is a Denon dvd-3800, and, in analog, I have them hooked up to the 6 channel inputs. In the past, I've turned the filtering off on the denon, content to use the 80hz analog filter of the Outlaw.

However, given my new set-up, I'm guessing that my best settings would be to flip the outlaw's audio filter to "off" and tell the denon to use the mains as large, and the others as small w/ various xo points (60hz for the VMPS LRC center channel and 80hz for my dynaudio 42w surrounds).

I would then just use 6-channel bypass for both 2-channel and 5.1 channel analog playback.

Does this strategy jive? I'm not setting myself up for some "double bass" or other anomally, right?

What about phase issues? I seem to remember previous posts about the subwoofer output being reversed in the 6-channel bypass mode?

Most (90%) of my audio listening is 2-channel anyways, so phase issues shouldn't be a big concern, or am I missing something here?


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