As I grow near to the date where I order my soon to be 1070, I am still reseaching the dreadit thing in audio, Cables.

For interconnects, I am leaning toward the Outlaw Audio PCA cable for my DVD, Subwoofer and multi channel cables.

Of course, in order to figure out anything in audio, I do like to make my final choice after I have compared one item VS. another.

The more I read about the PCA and the fact I have a friend who was sent cables by Outlaw for review, the more I like the idea I may go with all PCA for interconnects.

The subwoofer cable is the one I am looking at now. I know is it not a smooe and mirros type of choice. There has to be a reason that some work and some do not. The electrical reasons have make checking into these cables and this iswhat the fellow at Cobal cables sent be about their subwoffer cable:

Overall Nominal Diameter:
.303 Inch
Stranded 22 AWG Oxygen-Free Copper
95% over 92% Oxygen-Free Copper Braid
Nominal DC Resistance: <15.3 ohms/1000 ft.
Nominal Impedance: 75 ohms
Velocity of Propagation: 66%
Capacitance: 17 pF/ft

Both the Cobal and the PCA cables use locking RCA's.

Can I ask you all what you think of the cables from Outlaw and also, those of you who have used or are using Cobalt?

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