No problem. It's a hobby for me. At bluejeans prices I can hardly buy all the supplies for their prices, but I enjoy it and as you mentioned I can get the exact length I want. I bought the Paladin tool and die set when I was completely redoing my main theater room and a buddy was redoing his. I offered to make all the cables for both if he bought all the supplies for both, about 30-40 RCA and F cables. For almost all of them I used techflex sleeving and shrink tubing instead of the canare boots, but those look nice as well. I just liked the texture of the techflex.

I rarely do any fiber polishing, it's really time consuming and finding toslink connectors is a PITA, but it's fun once in awhile.

Congrats on the new Pioneer! My main room has a 50" Pioneer elite (only 720p/1080i) and I LOVE it! Upstairs just got a 1080P Panasonic plasma.

I have plenty of "extra" canare analog cables in various lengths. If you want to try out set, lemme know. I'm just up in norcal so even via USPS they should reach you in just a day maybe 2.