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It makes me think of so many who have great sound systems, but don't really like music too much.

I do enjoy the 'engineering' side, but once a 'system' is coming together, my hunger begins to include 'material and content.'

Musical instruments are, after all, technical in that they are an application of physics to produce musical sound. Once constructed, the 'art' is no longer mostly about the instrument, although still very important, but about the music being played. I enjoy both designing/constructing a system, and then I enjoy what the system 'brings to life.' (On some projects, the total visual and sound system is also something of an instrument and I enjoy 'playing' for the intended audience. In other situations, the system is as 'transparent' as possible, and I'm glad when that works.)

I guess I have strayed from the central topic of this thread, so I'll quit for now. And yes, we'll have to have 'tour' a few weeks from now ... wouldn't ya know, I've done some of that kind of work too! (Again: small world!)

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