I recently ordered my 2nd ICBM-1 unit to go in my "reference" system. I'm planning on placing it between the Denon AVR-5803 receiver and the Rotel RMB-1075 amplifier. Currently, the Rotel amp is powering my front 3 speakers, while the Denon powers the surrounds (Surr A, Surr B, Surr back = 6 total). While the Denon receiver offers "variable" crossover points, they are "global" nonetheless.

The ICBM will allow me to crossover my Paradigm Studio 80's at 60Hz (which I think is the optimal crossover point for these...) and the cc-570 center at 80Hz. However, I plan on leaving all my surrounds as "small" (@80Hz) with the Denon's bass management. So basically, I will have the Denon receiver handling the bass management for all my surrounds and the ICBM for my front left, center and right speakers. My sub (HSU VTF3-MKII) gets fed from the ICBM's sub-out.

Are there any disadvantages to this setup? If so, could you offer other suggestions?

It is now, officially, 5150 time!