Not sure if there was a thread on this pair. I bought the combo. Then I decided to go 7700. Decided to NOT sell the 755 and I am glad I did not.
It vastly improved the old CROWN electrostatic speakers. They sounded even better while still using old CROWN preamps. (This is my downstairs 4 channel-in line room). Finally I decided to really bite the bullet and bought a second 990...this one for that room. What a fantastic improvement over the CROWN preamps.

Maybe I should have expected it, since one might suppose that newer and better technology might just improve the sound quality.

So I improved the sound in that room first with my older 755 and then more improvement came with addition of the 990.....and I'm just using it for audio. No need to switch video thru it.

Am I happy or what laugh laugh smile smile
Living Room:
5.1 Surround and 4channel inline room
990/7700/6-KEF-107s/LFM1 x 2/ SMS Awaiting Trinnov
Millenium dts decoder;Digital Director
Players: Tascam CD01U/SonyCX455 x 3/DV955/BDP83
Old Sony 60" SXRD TV
Zone 2 (also liv-Room: listening to music while Mrs watches TV): Crown SL2 preamp/D40 Amp/Stax Headphones

My "Man-cave":
4 channel-only inline room. No TV (thank heaven)!!!
990/755/4-KEF 107s
Tascam CD01U/dts decoder/digital director
Alesis 16x4x2 mixer
Recorders Alesis HD24/ML9600/Crown CX844s/SonyDAT/Tascam DA38
Ham Radio Shack (KB1STH) ICOM/Yaesu/Drakes x 3