Here's a product idea that may be a bit off the amp/speaker path Outlaw has followed but could be a useful addition to anyone with a larger power need than most.

One of the issues with the 'power' users is that in most cases all the power comes from a single 15A circuit in the home and there can be transients that would demand much more than that. How about an AC power supply that takes the 15A AC power and supplements it from time-to-time with power from a battery that's inverted to true signwave AC and added to the 15A AC at the output of the inverter.

Even better would be to completely isolate the AC mains of the home and simply use the incoming power to keep the battery fully charged and then produces ALL the AC power needed by way of a 3KVA-5KVA true signwave inverter. With a decent battery you'd also get some operating time without AC power (blackout).