In my new house I inherited a wall of built-in cabinets and shelves designed for original owner's HT. It is well designed(though a bit constraining as to what choices I have based on dimensions). And it houses all my components in spacious well ventilated closed cabiets. So....the problem how to control everything while behind closed doors. Along comes the new MX 600 which is the MX 500 so many love with the added option of RF to IR control. So I have not only added the ability to control out of sight but eliminated the big collection of remotes. This all for a price that rivals anything else I looked at (like Niles) which addressed the out of sight issue but left me with all the remotes.
What a joy this combination is. The RF ability allows the remote, with all its features, control with no concern about pointing, it even works from other rooms..great for Zone 2 control. A best of all worlds product.