Posted by: pdyebrasil

I NEED ONE! - 12/06/18 07:42 AM

I just figured since there aren't any posts yet, I'd comment with my initial reaction when I saw this -


Just need to convince the wife. Hopefully we'll see this special introductory combo pricing with the 976...
Posted by: XenonMan

Re: I NEED ONE! - 12/07/18 12:17 PM

What ever happened to the 7140?
Posted by: NASANut

Re: I NEED ONE! - 12/08/18 06:38 PM

I asked customer support about the 7140 back in September. At that time, they said they were in the middle of an R&D exercise with the unit. The options they were looking at were a: Improve the performance but maintain the price, b: make it more affordable or c: replace it with a different unit. They stated that 'c' was most likely and appears that is what has occurred.

I am very interested in this unit and may pick one up after the holidays.
Posted by: POB

Re: I NEED ONE! - 12/18/18 02:22 PM

Any word yet from someone who got one? I am getting ready to pull the trigger but it would sure be nice to get a reaction from a happy owner
Posted by: Ritz2

Re: I NEED ONE! - 12/21/18 03:27 AM

I had high hopes that we'd finally see a more efficient switching power supply amp. Anyway, this one also doesn't show any data about the noise floor (also not disclosed for the 5000 amp). Why not include that data in the published specs when it is published for other Outlaw amplifiers?

Posted by: Jim51

Re: I NEED ONE! - 02/06/19 05:34 PM

I’ve had mine for about a month now and no complaints. Dead quiet with no input. I find it equal to the Krell KAV 500 it teplaced. Plus I also now run 7.1 since I’ve got two more channels of amplification.