976 Problems

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976 Problems - 08/17/18 01:12 PM

I have a new 976 driving a couple of outlaw amps. Inputs are a ps4 pro, sony HD blurray, and an apple tv 4k all going to hdmi... The ps4 and sony will only work on hdmi 5. Apple will work on any hdmi in....Preamp has been back to factory, speedy return and was told the hdmi inputs connectors were oxidized. Still same problem plus the pass through is intermittent, don't see a pattern...sometimes works most of the time it doesn't. Outlaws said it was the TV's problem...but does the same on 2 samsung tvs.. upgraded all hdmi cables per outlaw's advice...

so now I'm taking all the sources direct to tv and digital audio from tv to 976...works but seems like a waste and I'm unsure of the d/a quality in the samsung...any thoughts?

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Re: 976 Problems - 08/19/18 06:55 AM

That's strange. HMDI5 is the old 1.4 version of HDMI while the others are the newer 2.0 version. My understanding is they are only compatible from 2.0 down to 1.4 NOT the other way and then the 2.0 source has to dumb itself down to the 1.4 content. This suggests that your PS4 Pro and Bluray player are both using the older HDMI HW. Or maybe your TV is HDMI1.4 and doesn't fully meet the 1.4 requirements. I guess it's possible the 976 is correctly converting the 2.0 to 1.4 but your TV is not/

Try plugging you PS4 into the front HDMI port on the 976. That is the older HDMI format also.

What Samsung tv are you using?
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Re: 976 Problems - 08/19/18 04:16 PM

Thanks for feedback. The Samsung tv I am currently using is a new 4kHDR Q6...The other is 2 year old entry model 1080...
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Re: 976 Problems - 08/20/18 07:09 AM

Is it possible that the AnyNet (HDMI-CEC) support is agressively grabbing an input? I turned off HDMI-CEC to keep my AppleTV from grabbing inputs and powering off my panel (LG) after 15 minutes. If you only have one device plugged into the 976 at a time (any input) does it work reliably?
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Re: 976 Problems - 08/20/18 03:06 PM

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll give it a try and post results.
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Re: 976 Problems - 10/06/18 04:24 PM

Back again...I left the 976 alone for a while. I decided to give it another try. So I get my inputs working and things are going well. I have a 2 apple tv's (one tidal streaming, and a 4k for movies. and a sony hd blu ray. Things were working but I didn't know why. Today, I notice my sub was not working....finally do a reboot and start over. when I do the audio test and the calibration the sub works fine. But now the sub turns on automatically, but doesn't have any output. The display shows stereo and sub...I don't have a clue...I have another email in to Outlaw...see what happens.
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Re: 976 Problems - 10/11/18 08:43 AM

Yes, your Model 976 came back into our facility for evaluation and had nothing wrong with it. After repeat testing, we cleaned your connections with Deoxit and the unit was sent back.

We received your correspondence, asked about ensuring your speakers are set to SMALL, but have not heard back. Please follow up with us at customerservice@outlawaudio.com so that we can be of further assistance.
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Re: 976 Problems - 10/11/18 10:57 AM

There are a few things that would make your sub come on but have no output. The mains being set to large would not allow the sub to see any input like Ben says. Could be the source does not have any signal low enough to activate the sub. Could be the subs volume is way low. Could be a bad signal cable (last two are unlikely since it tested good).
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Re: 976 Problems - 10/13/18 07:39 AM

Potential connection problems: 976 in a system w/zero 4K gear?

If all 5/7 channels set to Large, should the 976 still output LFE to the sub?

Also has anyone tried setting surrounds to large, leaving LCR set to Small? 975 won’t allow surrounds Large, LR small. 976 “suggests” yes. 975 doesn’t say one way or the other.

Thnx, Tony
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Re: 976 Problems - 11/23/18 07:54 PM

My 976 is due to arrive tomorrow. Can’t wait.

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Re: 976 Problems - 12/20/18 03:21 AM

Update....one of the problems I am encountering is the need to clean the HDMI contacts with DEOX. I purchased all new cables 2 months ago. I cleaned the HDMI input connections and the problems went away...for a couple of weeks. Then I began experiencing again the video/audio drop outs. I cleaned the HDMI terminals again and the problem goes away...So at least I can keep the 976 working by cleaning the hdmi contacts. This is what OUTLAW did when the 2 week old preamp went back for service. So at least I can keep it running, but not what I would expect from a hi-end preamp....
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Re: 976 Problems - 12/20/18 05:10 AM

Are you using a spray cleaner? In my experience, spray cleaners can cause more problems than they solve. I use a needle applicator DeOxit Red. Applying the oily droplets is the best way to clean these types of contacts.
I've had my 976 since March and I've only had to clean it once, so far.

HDMI connections do become oxidized overtime, even when they are plugged in and in use. In the four processors/AV receivers I've had, this has always been the case. I do know the speed of oxidation depends on environmental conditions.

I looked closely at the HDMI ports in the back of my 976 and they appear to be of good quality.
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Re: 976 Problems - 12/20/18 05:53 AM

That sounds strange. I would expect the connection to be more robust.

Can you check what type of pins are used in the 976 and the your HDMI cables? If there's a material difference (e.g. 976 uses tin and HMDI uses gold) then you may actually be promoting bi-metallic corrosion.

You want the same type of metals on the pins. So if the 976 uses tin your HDMI cables should be tin. If the 976 uses gold your HDMI cables should be gold.
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Re: 976 Problems - 12/20/18 11:10 AM

The 976 HDMI jack pins are gold. They are the same as the jack pins in the 975 I had before.
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Re: 976 Problems - 12/20/18 08:03 PM

Early on I experienced “video* only*” intermittently only w/my blu Ray. I thought it weird video, but no* audio*. Pressing Test, then Enter followed by Exit, strangely, cleared the problem.
Originally Posted By fastninja12
...I began experiencing... ...the video/audio drop outs.
Yesterday, the wife encountered the same* w/D-TV. Turning off the power conditioner “reset” The 976 and cleared it.

I use the same make & model HDMIs to connect my DirecTV, blu Ray player, and my son’s PS4.

Originally Posted By Helson
I use a needle applicator DeOxit Red.
What is a needle applicator, DeOxit Red, and where to buy?

Originally Posted By Helson
Applying the oily droplets is the best way to clean these types of contacts.
How to apply the oily droplets?

Sidenote: 975 has chrome RCAs; the 976, gold plated

Thanks, Tony
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Re: 976 Problems - 12/21/18 07:08 AM

I bought a needle applicator bottle which can be applied very precisely. But you can get a smaller quantity. It doesn't take much, so even a small quantity, like the one from the link below, can last a long time.


Apply it to both sides of the middle wafer of the HDMI jack. There are contact pins on each side.

Some of these pins (19) relate to video, some audio, others are for HDCP handshaking and so forth.
So, you can see why oxidation issues can cause either video or audio or handshaking problems.
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Re: 976 Problems - 12/21/18 08:07 AM

In your estimation would this improve the lengthy handshake time? Either way I plan to get some as it just makes sense!

Thnx, Tony
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Re: 976 Problems - 12/21/18 08:30 AM

I don't think it will improve the handshake time. I do think it makes the handshake more consistent.
The TV in any system, the HDMI sink device, facilitates the successful handshake.
Better connectivity with all pin contacts = better results.
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Re: 976 Problems - 12/31/18 03:27 AM

My 976 has four used HDMI inputs and one output going to the TV. I have been reading about HDCP strippers and the success many are having resolving problems similar to mine. So, my question. If I am having HDCP handshake issues, should I put a stripper on each used input to the 976, or just 1 stripper on the 976 HDMI out to TV?
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Re: 976 Problems - 01/20/19 02:11 PM

On the way! Ordered several days ago. Thnx for the tip.