Outlaw two-channel preamp?

Posted by: cgramer

Outlaw two-channel preamp? - 08/21/20 01:08 PM

To go along with the Model 2220 monoblock amps, I would *love* it if Outlaw made a stereo preamp along the same lines: High quality, simple feature set, value pricing. A preamp with a phono input, maybe 4-5 analog ins, and maybe a built-in headphone amp, would be perfect. Price it at $299-349 so buyers could afford an outboard DAC and maybe a streamer to go with it, and I bet it'd sell like hotcakes. Imagine a 200W per channel stereo system (new preamp + two Model 2220 monoblock amps) for $1,000! ($699 for the two Model 2220s after the bundle discount, plus ~$300 for the preamp!)

Just my $0.02. Or my $299. ;)`
Posted by: Strider53

Re: Outlaw two-channel preamp? - 08/21/20 05:33 PM

+1, I’d be interested in something like this!
Posted by: Strider53

Re: Outlaw two-channel preamp? - 09/02/20 01:31 PM

I, for example, have a pair of the Outlaw mono blocks and a Streamer a universal
disk player and turntable along with the last pair of loudspeakers I’ll ever need.
All of this used with an old receiver as a pre amp unfortunately.
A dedicated two channel preamp is all my system lacks. One can only hope and
continue looking.