Noise Floor for OAW4

Posted by: Paul Lee

Noise Floor for OAW4 - 11/29/16 02:59 PM


I have been using the OAW3 to send a signal to my surround speakers, but I am considering upgrading to the OAW4 since the OAW3 is a bit noisy. I use a pair of active monitors for my surrounds that have an auto shutoff. Unfortunately, they never shutoff since the OAW3's are so noisy when no signal is fed to it. I can hear an audible hiss when my system is shutoff. When I unplug the OAW3 the hiss disappears. So, my question for those who have used the OAW4, are the new versions quiet? Is there any hiss when no signal fed to it?
(I see they both have the same relatively poor SNR of 93db, but I'm just curious if they're silent when idle)

Posted by: XenonMan

Re: Noise Floor for OAW4 - 12/03/16 09:22 PM

I also used the owa3 system for transmitting to my speakers. I didn't have any issues but... remember that the system uses a 2.4 Ghz frequency which is also used by a lot of other stuff for instance microwave ovens and various household items such as outdoors thermometers and security systems stuff. Also the system is affected line of sight to an extent.