Ultra X12 mounting

Posted by: ckcall

Ultra X12 mounting - 09/04/20 09:05 PM

Would this model perform well laid on its side. Front firing. I have an application where the subs would be hidden behind a wall and have a grille opened into the theater room.
Posted by: butchgo

Re: Ultra X12 mounting - 09/06/20 06:15 PM

I don't think it would make any difference so go for it.
Posted by: XenonMan

Re: Ultra X12 mounting - 09/07/20 06:32 PM

I have moved my LFM around the room by putting it on its side and sliding it. I have noticed that some of the dampening material inside the sub gets out via the ports. I have never used it in that position but it could be a problem.
Posted by: rubbersoul

Re: Ultra X12 mounting - 10/25/20 10:58 AM

Hello..I hope I get a response. It’s been a long time that I have been on the Forum.
I need a subwoofer. I had two subs but one died. I still have a HSU SUB in the back of the room.
I am thinking of Outlaw or SVS.
My dedicated room is 25’ long 9’6”wide with 6’5” ceiling and a 7’5” ceicling.
If I go with Outlaw I was looking at the X12 two X12’s and sell my HSU.
If I go with the X13 I would keep the HSU.
Anyway, I am asking what would work best and be the right move.
All opinions are welcome..thank you..
Posted by: arbitrageur

Re: Ultra X12 mounting - 10/25/20 01:54 PM

Those are some really tight room dimensions! You are running some really great components and speakers. Since you mentioned that the room is dedicated I think you would get a lot of benefit out of some acoustic treatments: bass traps in corners and absorbers on first reflection points.

Do you run the 803s full range? Can you / have you tried feeding the LFE to the L/R mains + sub?

The X13 is an awesome sub. You would really need to work on placement given those room dimensions. Two X12s would offer a lot of bass smoothing benefit, but you'll be really crowded to get the placement right. Some bass traps would really change the way the room influences your current kit and make a single subwoofer (and the full range L/R pair) perform better.
Posted by: EEman

Re: Ultra X12 mounting - 10/26/20 04:00 PM

My room is 20 x 12 x 6.5 so if you do the math the volume is only off by about 1%. Of course the resonant modes are different because of the dimensional differences but pressurizing the room should be similar.

I have on Ultra-X12 and it has no problem pressurizing that room size.

So I guess I'm agreeing with the idea of adding some bass traps. I considered bass traps myself but my basement, I mean home theater has too many water pipes, gas pipes and heating ducts make it worth while. So if you are in a situation where bass traps don't package (or you just don't like the look) then a second sub can help smooth out your sound.