BTR-100 connecting to RR2150

Posted by: Terrapinion

BTR-100 connecting to RR2150 - 11/18/21 06:37 PM

I realize that these are legacy products but hopefully somebody sees this?

I had a BTR-100 connected to a different Outlaw receiver for many years with no problems. I have since moved and changed things around quite a bit and would like to now hook up the BTR-100 to my RR2150 which has been dutifully handling my turntable. But the RR2150 does not really have any digital inputs! Is the output of the BTR-100 analog? Or do I have to connect it to the front panel of the RR2150???

Not sure where to start. Any suggestions?
Posted by: butchgo

Re: BTR-100 connecting to RR2150 - 11/19/21 10:22 AM
It appears that the output is analog.
You just need a 3.5MM to stereo cable.