OAW3 Wireless Audio System troubleshooting

Posted by: tntarheel

OAW3 Wireless Audio System troubleshooting - 06/14/20 04:50 PM

Hi, I used this system to connect my sub from the model 970 a few years ago and it worked like a charm. We moved and haven't gotten around to string the system back up until today. I cant any signal from the 970 to the sub even though the transmitter and receiver are shown a connection (blue light). Everything checks out:

Signal is coming out form the sub output (a direct line out). Signal gets to the sub (direct line in). Just no signal when using the OAW3 Wireless Audio System. Any advice is much appreciated.
Posted by: Outlaw Ben

Re: OAW3 Wireless Audio System troubleshooting - 06/15/20 12:16 PM

Could the positions of the transmitter and receiver be backwards? For example, the wireless receiver connected to the pre-out and the wireless transmitter connected to the subwoofer? If this is the case, it could cause what you are experiencing, and you would have to switch them so that the transmitter is connected to the pre-out.

If this isn't the case, please reach out at support.outlawaudio.com, so we can be of further assistance.