Physical media / data and "good old days" vs hype

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Physical media / data and "good old days" vs hype - 02/22/19 07:28 PM

It is somewhat striking as to just how much data can be included on a physical Ultra HD BluRay especially when compared to typical streamed media --
Ultra HD Blu-ray primarily uses double-layer 66GB discs (though 100GB triple-layer discs are part of the spec) and is capable of delivering up to 108Mbps of data. To put this in perspective, consider that Netflix’s 4K Ultra HD streams are delivered at about 16Mbps and represent an average of 14GB of total data for two hours of entertainment.

For those who remember the battle of Sony's BetaMax vs VHS it is always sad when quality does not prevail over "mass market".

That said is it good to see that both Sony and Panasonic continue to invest in the development of premium UltraHD BluRay players -- Initial reports indicate performance is likely on par if not superior to the fabled Oppo...

I can't help but think that there is some kind of "mythology creation process" inherent certain AV hobbyists too as there are still folks who long for the good old days of Pioneer Plasma sets, 70 year old amplifier designs, or even vinyl ..

And though I do appreciate that the Outlaws continue to resist any effort to incorporate "streaming services" into their offerings I cannot help but wonder what sort of margins the firms marketing these devices, which are essentially just very heavily disguised computers, must be raking in --

Will some enterprising firm soon offer some "WonderCap" version of a Roku, FireStick or AppleTV? Perhaps some one already sells a "modded" version...
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Re: Physical media / data and "good old days" vs hype - 02/22/19 09:07 PM

I agree, it will be a sad day when the disc formats are no longer supported. I am holding out for reasonably priced OLED before I scrap my plasma.
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Re: Physical media / data and "good old days" vs hype - 02/23/19 08:26 AM

Saw this the other day. Looks like Samsung is scrapping their line of 4k Blu-Ray players, at least in the US.
Now we have Oppo and Samsung dumping the disc technology.

I remember the BetaMax vs VHS battle. BetaMax was a much better format. Although, it was a bear to do all the necessary alignments when they came in for servicing, I was sure that would have evolved over time.
Just like the first few generations of CD players. There were several adjustments that needed to be done, and each one affected the next to a degree. Striking a balance with all of them took some time.

Streaming services are taking over. More and more devices are hitting the market. Many of them are a bit buggy with audio formatting, video resolution settings and such. But like with all mass produced items, they'll throw them out there and let the consumer be the beta tester.