Sherwood Inkel Curiosity (RC-977 Remote)

Posted by: slinkeey

Sherwood Inkel Curiosity (RC-977 Remote) - 11/26/15 12:56 AM


Sherwood Inkel Curiosity.

I happen to have a Sherwood R-904N. That is a whole story that I do not really care to get into.. lol

Anyway, while scanning ebay for parts, I found this..

Was Outlaw going to have a product based on the R-904n, or is this some crazy vendor mistake, that has made it out in the ebay wilderness? The remote looks exactly like mine, except for the Outlaw graphic..

I am just curious.

Posted by: XenonMan

Re: Sherwood Inkel Curiosity (RC-977 Remote) - 11/26/15 12:43 PM

If I am not mistaken Sherwood was going to develop the 997/998 with Outlaw including Trinnov. They had their own Trinnov processor the R972 I think. They may have used a si,ilar if not identical remote.